Monday, September 13

dear: little dreamer in me

over a year ago, 18 months to be exact, i created a list titled "my mt. ventoux" i stumbled across it and was pleasantly surprised to see that i've accomplished some since.

a famous historian once said: "today you can have the same view easily enough-there is a road and a restaurant at the peak-but that's not really the point. the point is to climb something you were afraid to climb and see something new. what is your mt. ventoux?"

i took this as a challenge to write down everything i one day wanted to achieve, whether it frightened me or just intrigued me. some are things i want to constantly achieve or be sure to do, others are once in a lifetime opportunities. it ended up becoming a bucket list of some sort but a little more meaningful. so here it is:

dress up and go to the symphony, ballet, and opera
go to libraries and old bookstores
read, often.
dance at the edge
dance at steps and broadway
tryout for a musical
take voice lessons again
sing often
talk for hours sincerely
never lose spontanaety
walk on university avenue
explore stanford university
take road trips
serve endlessly
love unconditionally
hold church callings
spend time in and at the ocean
take time to enjoy simplicity
be satisfied with only family
explore boston
live in NYC
drive PCH in a convertible from north to south
go to county fairs
listen to byu devotionals
listen to conference talks
go to museums
visit galleries...local
go to town meetings
weekly farmers market
visit quite places and write
walk through old towns
climb eiffel tower
spend time with children
become a homemaker
return to india
celebrate all holidays
create a picture book
learn my camera better
take classes, always
explore different cultures
visit the temple, often
anonymously take care of others
make new friends
spend time with old friends
attend presidential inauguration
learn money management
play golf with dad
achieve the sport of tennis
read the NYTimes and know current events
memorize great speeches
change someones life, for the better
picnics at the park
concerts at the park
take long drives to get small things like ice cream at bear lake
oil paint
get pedicures and facials with mom
plan events
provide a clean home and good enviornment
write hand written letters
leave voicemails
give gifts, thoughtful ones listen to podcasts
attend messiah sing a long
homemade gifts for friends
know local artists and support them
read for story time
african safari
attend poetry readings
sail on a boat
curl up by the fire with someone special
find my someone special, and know he is the one
create my dream wedding
visit havana and dance the streets
pyramids at sunset
salmon run in alaska
road trip across u.s.a.
ride camel in desert
kiss a stranger
live in italy
learn italian
sleep in an ice cave
visita a pub in ireland and kiss the blarney stone
little house by the sea
dance on beach of carribean sea
see ball drop in times square
spend semester at jerusalem center
cruise down the nile
see sunrise on the east and sunset on the west in the same day
run boston marathon
hike inca trail to machu pichu
visit the galapagos islands
scuba the great barrier reef
see the himalayas
ride in a hot air balloon
kiss at night at the eiffel tower
walk on the great wall of china
publish a book
surf in hawaii
love southern utah
hike the alps in switzerland
build a tree house with my kids
see a shuttle launch
ride bare back
dangle feet over monet's lilly pond
master excel haha
list 1001 things to be happy about
know isiah in the bible
memorize all the countries in the world
learn sign language
make my own time capsule
dance inaugural ball with the president elect
be part of a live t.v. show
become a beautiful interior decorator
identify constellations
know my family history
read all jane austin books
be famous for something
sit at the feet of the prophet
record a song i sing and write
fly international first class, how lovely
stay in a secluded cabin and write
spend all day in bed with husband on a rainy day
visit morocco casablanca style
visit stratford-upon-avon
hang glide
visit every temple
play all hymns, perfectly
make a quilt
throw a block party
PTA president
play director
give $100 to a beggar
wear an obnoxious hat to the kentucky derby
celebrate a perfect 4th of july
write thank you's to all my teachers
get my masters degree
own my own company
give something priceless and meaningful away
write a cookbook
become a beautiful cook
raise children righteously in the gospel
become an expert on etiquette
scuba dive in thailand
speak spanish, fluently
coach a team
sleep under a tin roof when pouring rain
learn to speed read
become a motivational speaker
join the u.n.
work for the olympics
swim with dolphins
shower under a waterfall
see a solar lunar eclipse
run to the top of the statue of liberty
make a hole in one
tell someone "i love you" and know they are the one
see a star shower
spend a week in the louvre
hear the "gloria" at st. peter's
heli ski
motorcycle trip
attend olympic opening ceremonies
fly in a private plane
eat a hot dog at coney island
attend world series game
fly a plane
sit front row at a fashion show
attend grammy awards
attend oscars, or just the red carpet
be acknowledged on red carpet
sew my kids clothing
take a trip, buy the ticket at the gate
bowl over 100
homeschool kids for one year while living abroad
ride a donkey in santorini, greece
master cosmetics
whale watch in new zealand
try out for mormon tabernacle choir
take my family to india
spend a day at each museum in d.c.
see earth from space
see the 7 wonders :
see the aurora borealis (northern lights)
grand canyon, donkey trip and raft ride
petra, in jordan
ride bike on the golden gate bridge at sunset
the colosseum in rome
hike havasupi with curtis cousins
go skinny dipping at 12 am in the south of england
be an extra in a film
learn how to take a compliment
plant a tree
learn to ballroom dance
fall deeply in love-helplessly, unconditionally
sit on supreme court jury
go to walden pond and read thoreau while in a canoe
spend a whole day reading a novel
drive the autobahn
put name on bench in a park for something
grow a garden
build and design my own house
serve a mission
spend christmas in paris
thanksgiving in new york
buy a bulldog with husband
attend bcs bowl game
marry in the temple
be a president of an organization
save someones life
be a good friend
wear beautiful ensembles
attend ny fashion week, or be the head coordinator
graduate college
adopt a child, maybe two

to be continued...

some of these i may never see in this life, but it's always good to have that little push behind you to get you going...even if you are somewhat afraid. because it's all about climbing to see something new, or become someone better.
but for now, one step at a time. because it's all about the climb you go through to get there that makes the moment entirely worth it.

what is your mt. ventoux?


  1. can't believe i read all of that but i'm glad i did! So motivating. I want to make my list now too! Thanks for the idea Brookie!! xo

  2. haha. this made me laugh. this is identical to one of my post a while back. it made me smile. good thing for lists and good thing for good friends with similar goals. xo. hope all is well.

  3. I love your list!!!
    I'm planning 2 things for next winter that are mentioned here: one is thanksgiving in New York and the other is a Galapagos diving cruise so... you make me feel great! thanks!

    Althought... the idea of the house near the beach.. that wpuld make me the happiest person in the whole world!