Wednesday, October 26

dear little blogger:

...i am about to give you up.
i would love to take a blogging hiatus right about now.

you frustrate me.
i'm trying to learn, could you kindly oblige?

i really did want to blog about something today.
pictures from denver in fact.

but i can't figure out how to:
make my photos larger or get them to appear side by side.
i've been reading html codes for far too many hours
(yes hours)
and i'm frustrated.

if any of you have answers do tell!


Tuesday, October 25

a little note i wore 2 years ago today. crazy how the time flies but comforting how some things never change.

MLH: i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss you, didn't think of you every day, and didn't wish you were still here! i can't believe its been so long since we've been together but when i think of it, i remember it like it were yesterday. i went and visited your grave earlier this week, you give me extra strength on those days that i can't quite do it myself. i miss our talks, your example, and your infinite love. not only the love you gave me but to all of those lives you touched. you were an example to all of us and you are still in each of our hearts. i know its no coincidence that i've thought about you more then normal especially at this time when all of our friends are spread across the world, some coming home, and some just leaving. but no matter where we all go i know that we have a rare bond that has come from you and the person you were in our lives, and the experience of your passing away that you left with us. i'll never forget that week mads, it was life changing and of course the selfish part of me wishes that you were still here, i know you are too good to be down here and were needed for especial responsibilities where you are. i still look back on those good times, the notebook that we passed back and forth daily, ABE, new years, bedroom chats, love notes, nicknames, italian sodas, rice parties, and just the essence of you i miss terribly. i love when i catch glimpses of you and your example in our friends, and when i see their accomplishments i know much of them have to do with the person you were in each of our lives. it gives me comfort to know that no matter where we go around the world or who we meet and what we do, we have a deep rooted bond that comes from you. thank you for being you and for changing me in the amount of time that i knew you. you were always so mature in your actions and i aspire to be more like you each day. i hope that your big 21 (now 23) was everything and more that you thought it would be! i love to think about what you would be doing in your life if you were here and try to mimic my life to parallel it. it has helped me through some of those tough days and the life changing decisions that have to made. mads we are getting so old! when did we grow up?? i can't wait to see what is to come in this crazy thing we call life, and will always keep you in my heart!
i miss you and love you and wish you a happy happy birthday! x's and o's

Monday, October 24

words to love.

i love when i find words to live by.
i love both of these and while i was at work i found myself writing them down.

hopefully we all have happiness in our life that makes today feel special, like it will never feel again.
and let's all hope to become a person who makes others happy just by being alive.

we had a lovely weekend in denver i will catch up on that later.
hope you had a lovely weekend as well.
here is another favorite i just found:

10 ways to love.

listen without interrupting
speak without accusing.
give without sparing
pray without ceasing.
answer without arguing.
share without pretending.
enjoy without complaint.
trust without wavering.
forgive without punishing.
promise without forgetting.

Friday, October 21

And we're off

Happy Friday!
I don't know about you but I'm ready to kiss this week goodye.

(the kiss of all kisses)

On our way to Denver for a delightful weekend.
Can't wait to report. It's a first for us!

Wednesday, October 19

paddle boarding

our quick trip to lake powell turned out to be well needed and much fun.
i love these pictures.

and i love him. so much.

Tuesday, October 18

once upon a time

we bought a little car.
we called that car "black panther" it was a good car, in fact a great car.
it was important to us because it was our first car.
we survived our whole first year of marriage with just one car.
(i know can you believe it?)

our car was fast.
and we really liked driving it.
it was the perfect "date night" car.
we loved our little car.

then we decided to have a moment of insanity and get a little pup.
a little pup who grew to be a big pup and a crazy pup.
our car wasn't the ideal "dog" car.
or the perfect "travel" car.

so after lots of contemplation we decided to put it up for sale.
(we must really like our little pup)

it was a big decision for jake.
he loved b.p.

but after much waiting...we sold it!
(and we know it's the right decision even if we don't feel that way right now)

so these were our last (and really only) pictures with the car.
my mom insisted.she said we would want to show our kids that we were "cool" at one point.
and of course lucy had to be in them because this is really all her fault :)

thanks b.p. for lots of great drives,
the best heat seater in the world,
fun memories,
and taking lots of our money.
(hehe but well worth it)

guess you'll just have to wait to see what we decide to get next.

Monday, October 17

dirty joe's

happy monday lovers!
hope your weekend was enjoyable.
ours was rather eventful.

we took the pup to "dirty joe's" dog wash.
yes dog wash, like a car wash.
(they provide the supplies, you do the work)

miss lucy was a pretty good sport considering it was her first time.
let's just say there were lots of giggles and wrestling on our part.
splashing on her part.
but i will say she is one clean puppy.
(one clean giant puppy)

thanks dirty joe's!
we will definitely be back.

Friday, October 14

on another note...

i didn't think it could get any better.
so darling.
where can i find one of these?
i will pay.
happy friday!

sorry for the lack of posts we went on a lovely get a way to beloved lake powell and just returned.
a little sad it was the last trip down there of the year.
we celebrated an extra week of summer with warm weather and summer fun.
and loved it.
lot's to catch up on but that will be for later.

we are going to another one of these this weekend and a pumpkin patch to find our jack's.
no complaints we love spooking ourselves during this month.
(in fact i'm antsy to go to the new 666 hh tonight. it's all the rave we''ll let you know our reviews.)

speaking of this month:
we've had lots and lots of pumpkin food, candy corns, pumpkins, and halloween eves.
this may be our most festive year yet!
(thanks to the husband for letting me fulfill all my little hopes for the holidays)

what are all you friends doing tonight?

Thursday, October 6

dear: little letters

dear: yesterday
thank you for pouring all day.
excuses for layers and pumpkin spice soy milk.
we got to fall asleep to the pitter patter of rain.

dear: weather today
did i spot snow in the mountains?
i will have a bone to pick with mother nature if she decides to skip fall altogether.
(seriously though, we were in the high 80's last week and now snow? oh utah.)

dear: pot roast
you smell delish can't wait to eat you with homemade rolls.
mmm. the perfect rainy day meal.

dear: new job.
you are fun. i like you a lot. advertising is exciting and i can't wait to learn more.

dear: lucy
you weigh 75 lbs now.
what were we thinking?

dear: lake powell.
i get giddy just thinking about being in one of our favorite places.
we can pretend it's still summer for a few days right?

dear: house
please keep yourself tidy, i'm getting a little sick of you.
i wish i could quit you.

dear: sweets
goodbye for a while. we will see how we do!
(any words of advice?)

dear: halloween decor
you are making me smile everytime i see you.
here are some sneak peaks.

go here to see pictures of our conference breakfast with these good friends.

Tuesday, October 4

you know it's fall when...

you wake up to the sound of rain.
the air begins to feel crisp.
and your kitchen is full of:

pumpkin ramekins
pumpkin pancakes
and new fall dish towels.

for breakfast this morning i used this recipe for some of the best "healthy" pancakes i've had.

in large mixing bowl combine:
2/3 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup quick oats
dash of salt
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

mix and then add:
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 large egg
1/3 cup of pumpkin
2/3 cup soy milk/almond milk
1 teaspoon stevia
combine and cook on griddle and enjoy.
(the husband agrees)

seriously try them. they will not disappoint.
(for more taste you could add chopped nuts too)

Monday, October 3

this weekend:

she: organized her closet.
baked tasty treats.
visited with best friends.

he: studied (not so new!)
went to priesthood with dad and brother.
played in a flag football game.

we:went to a utah game.
cheered the little brothers on at east.
had family movie night.
enjoyed a wonderful breakfast thanks to these good friends.
watched a weekend of conference
and went on a little hike with the pup.

cinnamon pumpkin

i made this tasty treat on sunday morning.
i would highly recommend it to all of you cinnamon and pumpkin lovers like me.
hence the name.
they are well worth it.
found on interest (where else?)
recipe here