Wednesday, October 26

dear little blogger:

...i am about to give you up.
i would love to take a blogging hiatus right about now.

you frustrate me.
i'm trying to learn, could you kindly oblige?

i really did want to blog about something today.
pictures from denver in fact.

but i can't figure out how to:
make my photos larger or get them to appear side by side.
i've been reading html codes for far too many hours
(yes hours)
and i'm frustrated.

if any of you have answers do tell!


1 comment:

  1. i had the hardest time figuring this out.
    1. if you haven't switched over to the new blogger interface, you should, cause it gives you the option of making your photos s,m,l,xl
    2. but if you haven't then you have to go into the html codes and change the number that says s1600 or s400 and change it to s576. there is an s1600/400 on ever photo and sometimes two- you have to change both.
    3. when it says height: "XX" width: "XX" or however it says it, you delete all the number. so it says something like height: "" and i can't remember if there is an x in there but if there is you' delete keep the x.

    i hope this helps. but if you can switch to the new interface- DO! its way better! and easier than reading through html codes!