Tuesday, November 1

so after all:

i took a little break from blogging. 
not because of dear little html but because we were too busy enjoying halloween festivities. 

i'm so excited to post pictures from our weekend.
this halloween had to have been one of the best we've had yet.
after many hours of making costumes, we turned out a success.
(i realized last night that i've completely created 5 of my costumes in the last 6 years. i'm proud)

we have wonderful family and friends and are really so lucky.

we are welcoming november with open arms.
the beginning of the holidays.
(and taking our last glances at the gorgeous fall leaves around here. it's about to get coldy!) 

loving november for some of these reasons:
colder weather
snow and skiing
continued pumpkin flavor enjoyment
turkey dinners
and continually being reminded of how blessed we are.

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