Monday, June 18

it's been a while

and when i say a while, i mean three weeks. and sadly, it's taken a lot of silly little encouragement from myself to actually get back into posting. not because i don't enjoy it, because i do. but my list of things i've forgotten to document have began to overwhelm me. i'm being completely silly but i'm jumping back in, full force. 

so for tomorrow i'll give a very picturesque update of our life as of lately. the last three weeks have consisted of craziness, real craziness. summertime is treating us well over here and it's barely june. we just pulled in last night after a short trip to husbands other true love: lake powell and it was a treat. this photo really doesn't do justice of how beautiful it was neither does this photo make being back in the "grind" much easier. so for now long live summertime. because what's not to love?