Friday, December 24

merry christmas

twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that st. nicholas soon would be here. can't wait for christmas morning and spending our first christmas together as husband and wife. merry christmas! may your day be merry and bright.

Wednesday, December 15

dear: birthday

last week was husbands 22 birthday. our first time celebrating his birthday being married AND his first birthday home. everything is extra special for these two reasons. here is how the day played out. unfortunately i have little pictures to show it, and my rhyming skills are far from perfection.

Breakfast in bed: happy birthday to you, today is the day where we celebrate just you! The day is all yours...I will not let you bore, breakfast in bed I think that's enough said.

Gift number 1: Well this should be fun, you may recognize them, but I know you'll sure enjoy them. Now off to school to study, when you're home they'll be an awaiting buddy. ( I gave him these, and when he was home jason was waiting for him...)

Gift number 2: What do we say about you? I think it's that time where we take a break from this rhyme...head up to park city, i think this will look real pretty! (I got him his new Oakley ski suit and he and Jason hit the slopes)

Gift number 3: could it be? open the box...there you'll find your ? box?? (while jake was at football I had his xbox set up for him. i know i know, silly, but he wanted it...AND it plays our netflix and blue ray movies so we are both pleased!)

Now for your last gift, I just have to say-I love you lots and lots more each and every day! Let's take off for the weekend, the Park City Marriott we'll stay...dinner, massages, movies, skiing, deserts, and hot tubbin. Starting the big 22 with all the things you love to do!

That night we had some of Jakes friends, family, companions, etc. for cake and ice cream after we spent a delightful dinner at Flemmings steak house mmm mmm good. I think he was pleased, and I am relieved it is over!


the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.

Creating our own traditions this holiday season and one of them is decorating the humble abode. it's tradition for us to cut down our tree every year and this is the tree picked for this year. we love it. thanks to my sweet mother who came and helped us "spice" it up as husband would say. We (meaning me) decided to go with gold, silver, and tiffany blue for our holiday decor colors and I'm pleasantly surprised with the turn out. hope all of your homes are looking festive and cozy this Christmas season.

notice the darling wedding cake ornament to represent our first christmas married.

Tuesday, December 14

dear: 15 things about him

we've now been married 5 months and i've learned much more about my husband then i expected, considering how well we knew each other before. i guess you can say that we are still learning! here are twenty things i've observed, laughed, and learned to love about him.

1. he never sleeps in the sheets, leaving me no choice but to do the same.
2. he sings in the shower, and i love it.
3. he takes too long of showers, we are working on it.
4. he doesn't love pillow talk like me, i forget he isn't courtney and can't talk for hours on end.
5. falling asleep is too easy for him.
6. he is obsessive compulsive about how his clothes are folded.
7. he knows how to shrink all of my clothes in one load :) we've come to an agreement about who switches the washer into the dryer.
8. he loves sports center even more then i thought he did before we were married.
9. he says the sweetest bed time prayers.
10. he thinks he has good design sense...yikes.
11. he always does the dishes, leaving me the happiest wife.
12. he wants to adopt two children one day if we are able to.
13. he is sometimes a better cook then me, but is so supportive of my efforts.
14. he doesn't care if our house looks like a missionary apartment, but fortunately i will never allow that to be.
15. he is a motor cross bike lover. makes me nervous but look at those studs.
i can't wait to write the next little list. he makes me laugh so hard, every day, all day long. but i already knew that, that's why i married him.
and he's oh so handsome!

Monday, December 13

dear: christmas parties

we were lucky and got to go to two Christmas parties this weekend, and Santa happened to make a visit at both. this is the only picture i have for now. both were lovely spent evenings with family and friends.

Monday, December 6

dear: games, bangs, spiders, and more.

Ok we have a little secret to share. We had major spiders this year. If any of you know me I hate spiders, they give me the absolute willies! Before we left for Chicago we switched out our old spider traps with new ones, and this is what we were surprised with. Can you believe that? Fortunately since we put the new ones out we've only had 5 new ones, and thats total. Let's hope we have that under wraps for winter!

I never blogged about our trip to the Utah vs. Notre Dame football game. We had so much fun, even though we lost, and we still love our utes. Most of you know, but husband is on the team and we've both been life long fans. Vegas Bowl here we come!

Oh and in these pictures you will see the new bangs I cut, on a whim, and not really thinking. I love them, but no one told me how high maintenance they would be, so this may be the last time for a while that I have them.

dear: school

We are both dreading and approaching finals week quickly. For me it will be my second to last finals week, which is bittersweet. I'm fine never taking another final again, yet never attending another fall semester of school is a different story. jake on the other hand has plenty left, which i take it as we both have many left because we are in it together. Husband and I spent a lovely weekend in Park City together for his birthday. More on that later! Here is a little quote about education:

There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.
John Adams

Thursday, December 2

dear: husband

happy birthday husband! I love you and hope your day was wonderful xoxo
details to come. being married and having birthdays is one of our favorites.

Wednesday, December 1

dear: december

tis the season! it's been a fun filled weekend and week as we've gathered our decorations and hung them around the home. we are so blessed to be able to spend this holiday season together and start our own traditions as husband and wife. being married is simply the best.