Wednesday, December 15

dear: birthday

last week was husbands 22 birthday. our first time celebrating his birthday being married AND his first birthday home. everything is extra special for these two reasons. here is how the day played out. unfortunately i have little pictures to show it, and my rhyming skills are far from perfection.

Breakfast in bed: happy birthday to you, today is the day where we celebrate just you! The day is all yours...I will not let you bore, breakfast in bed I think that's enough said.

Gift number 1: Well this should be fun, you may recognize them, but I know you'll sure enjoy them. Now off to school to study, when you're home they'll be an awaiting buddy. ( I gave him these, and when he was home jason was waiting for him...)

Gift number 2: What do we say about you? I think it's that time where we take a break from this rhyme...head up to park city, i think this will look real pretty! (I got him his new Oakley ski suit and he and Jason hit the slopes)

Gift number 3: could it be? open the box...there you'll find your ? box?? (while jake was at football I had his xbox set up for him. i know i know, silly, but he wanted it...AND it plays our netflix and blue ray movies so we are both pleased!)

Now for your last gift, I just have to say-I love you lots and lots more each and every day! Let's take off for the weekend, the Park City Marriott we'll stay...dinner, massages, movies, skiing, deserts, and hot tubbin. Starting the big 22 with all the things you love to do!

That night we had some of Jakes friends, family, companions, etc. for cake and ice cream after we spent a delightful dinner at Flemmings steak house mmm mmm good. I think he was pleased, and I am relieved it is over!

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