Monday, April 30

oh my sugar eyes surprise

in all the many things that bring people together, there is nothing in this world that does it like good food. oh and do i love food, especially my sweets! and the lovelies combo is made when you pair the best of people with the most delectable food.

this weekend was no exception in that matter. 

it was one of those weekends where i had the phrases this is a good day and i'm the luckiest running through my mind on repeat. 

consisting of only the best people. people that i hold so dearly to my heart. besties who live far away and cousins who are all grown up. i had the giggles so badly i could hardly breathe. if there is one thing that i've learned, especially since being married, it is how lucky i am to have the most amazing people enrich my life. 

at the end of the weekend it was so refreshing to look back on the past few days and smile because it was a good weekend, it truly was. now back to reality, sigh. 

Friday, April 27

i'm so happy i could make up a little song for you about how happy i am

its friday its friday and a friday's a happy day. la de da de da de da de da.

that is the tune i'm singing today even though today is a little gloomy.  the husband man took his big chemistry final today which means i get fifty percent of him back, the other fifty comes back on tuesday. he is a smartie pants and is acing his test, which i'm not the least bit surprised.

last night we left the windows open to listen to the rain and it just smelled like summer. warm thunderstorms may be one of my favorite things. when i was growing up my little sister and i would take blankets and sit on our front porch and watch the thunderstorms, for hours.

and today  i get to see a favorite friend of mine, who is preggers and i can't wait to see her baby bump. and we may just go see the lucky one, again but i'll take a little zac efron any day. other plans include some cousin time, a wedding, probably the parkp, and celebrating because it's the weekend.

Thursday, April 26

here goes nothin

i'm low on photos can you tell? but i do love this photo of husband and my mom from the weekend
the mr. has been wearing my socks the past two days, unmatched
what is he thinking? i love my crazy socks, a lot.
and his feet are much bigger then mine
good thing i love the man

he is also away at the library
so i probably won't get to see him tonight
kind of ok because i need to get things done
and with him around it's quite impossible

except lucy has promised to follow me around all day every day
with a toy most likely a ball
or a bone, or a shoe, or whatever she may find
maybe that is why she is my best friend and my house looks the way it does

i've decided i still don't know what i was thinking when i decided we should just go look at puppies
she stole my heart but i'm quite alright with it, because she is pretty fun

Wednesday, April 25

this is why i am in love...

last night, husband taught me about the economy and the stock market.
something (in my personal opinion) which could compete to be the most boring topic, ever.
but nothing was more darling then watching my cute husband teach me about hedge funds and stocks.
because of course a girl like me should really know her terminology

i'm still so confused, and i don't know if i ever will not be
but while i was ever so bored listening to him tell me about earning reports
i couldn't help but to smile because i loved that he thought it would be important for me to know
so while he talked my ear off i realized that

i am in love....
with a hedge fund, stock loving, economy fascinated man who wants to be a dentist
yes, yes i am.

Tuesday, April 24

story time

despite my efforts in trying to welcome a lovely beginning to yet another week, i failed mis.uh.rably i tell you. it was an awfully-wrotten-no-good-terrible-day. it went a little bit like this.

for one i was late, everywhere and all the day long. sometimes i think late is my middle name because regardless of how hard i try to leave early i never can make it on time. i wish someone secretly would reset the clocks in our home just 10 little minutes earlier with out me knowing. then i would have to be on time. how does that sound jake?

besides being late i broke the thumb drive that was in my computer by sliding it into my computer case without looking. who does that? oh yes, me that would be me over here! not only was i thumb driveless, i forgot to transfer the very important files that were on the memory stick to my computer, and i had already shredded the very important papers. still trying to solve this one. 

humiliating enough that i shouldn't even repeat, i lost my phone yesterday, for hours. but i found her, found her indeed. where may you ask? oh just in my wallet! i put it there to be savvy and not have fifty things in my hands when i went to grab lunch. but of course lost my mind and couldn't remember where i put it. being genius as i am i knew i could turn my car on to see if the blue tooth worked, surely it did so i deliberately tore the car apart in every which way and form until i decided that if i needed to use my phone i would just call from the car. it was the biggest pain in the rear end but i did it, until i found it and then laughed a little to myself when i found it. 

yet amongst all of this i was able to visit my lash gal/therapist sophie, who even escorted me to the bathroom with my eyes closed. for those of you who don't know, you can't open your eyes while taped closed during a lash session/therapy session. i meekly whispered to sophie that i couldn't hold it any longer so she held my hand like a two year old and walked me all the way to the toilet and then came back in to assist me while i attempted to wash my hands. we had a good laugh and i think i'll keep my vision as long as i can, so grateful i can see. 

just when i though the awfully-wrotten-no-good-terrible-day would never end it got so much better. and i feel silly for thinking it was so terrible in the first place.

i got to take my little pup to play at her favorite park (really it's mine because its the closest) and we met some cute little friends who decided that they wanted to throw the ball the entire time for lucy and that is just heaven for me. 

then the husband turned the whole day around and took me on a little fhe outing to barnes and noble. one of my most favorite things ever, like ever ever. he is cute and i don't say that enough, sorry to get all married on you. anyways, we read and made ourselves feel smart and then spent a whopping fifty dollars on books, but i'm ok if we spend lots of money on books.

on top of that we went out to eat which is always a happy thing especially given the circumstance of the day. we even got to eat outside which made my meal that much better, except for me forgetting to ask for shredded lettuce. and then to top it off we got to talk with friends and have a lovely conversation with them. so the day actually ended with a happily ever after. thank heavens. the end. 

Monday, April 23

so very flattered

and happy to tell you that our little blog was awarded the 
liebster blog award
(not to be confused with lobster even though auto text seems to think it is smarter then me, i assure you it is not)

i am very flattered and owe a little thank you to Jan at Jan Loves, check her blog out, it will not disappoint. 

liebster is a german word meaning "dearest" and recognizes the blog author's creative writing and dedication. so as a recipient of this award it is my duty to pass the award on to five other bloggers with less then 200 followers. 

 thank you to these bloggers for keeping me entertained and inspired through their stories. 

liebster award rules: 
to accept the award you are to follow these four steps. thank and link back to the person who awarded you, reveal your five selections for the blog award, inform the five other bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog, and copy and past the award to your blog. 

some days

some days i feel like sleeping in until noon, but there is simply no time for that. 
some days i feel like taking an adventure to a far away place that we've never been before.
some days i wish i had a personal chef to create elaborate meals for me all the day long. 
some days i like to go through old photos that make me get the giggles like this one. 
some days i want the weekend to last just a day longer, 
and some days i just want to skip monday and go straight to tuesday. 

but i'm trying to be positive and happy about being back in the grind
"because its good for me" 
as the mr. would say. 
and he is right. 
and part of me secretly likes a schedule,
i go a little crazy if i'm just sitting around. 

so welcome monday
i'm going to make the most of you. 

Thursday, April 19


what do you do when both of your jobs take the day off?
it's always good to wake up in the morning with a little text that first tells you to come in late, and then a phone call to let you know you are not needed in. 

i'm off to do some afternoon shopping, a little dinner, concert with the mr. and a promised ice cream stop. 
therefore i don't have the time to blog my little thoughts. i'm going to enjoy this lovely day off. 
hope your thursday is lovely too!

Wednesday, April 18

little random ramblings

on a wednesday, a rainy wednesday. 
i've decided that making dinner is so overrated. going out is the perfect solution for a one- lazy wife, two- hungry husband, and three- stress, free, clean free, delicious dinner in my book. happy husband, not happy for our wallets or waistlines.

the corner of my work office is the central location for dancing advertisers. on my way to and from work i see the dancing pizza man, mr. lady liberty, and the random man who waves a cell phone sign wearing whatever he chooses on that particular day. today he wore a nifty umbrella hat. pretty sure i'm their bff, considering i'm the only person who waves and my umbrella man gets overly excited when he sees me at the light because he knows he will get a wave from me. 

the mr. has his second check up for his knee today. i'm crossing my fingers ever so tightly that he passes his range of motion test. if he doesn't he will be going back under, yes back again so that they can basically smash his knee to bend because it doesn't want to do it by itself as of now. and that just sounds terribbly-awful-unneccesary-painful, and none of us ever should have to do that, ever.  

the olympics are in 100 days. i watched the whole special this morning on the today show, i love the olympics. nothing could be better then pairing really my two favorites: the olympics and london. i really have an obsession over both. especially the olympics. dream job one day, one day far far away. 

the mud can go, really though i'm done with mud. mud on my bed, mud on my clothes, on my carpet, countertops, muddy paw prints all over my house can go. i feel like i'm living in beethoven (the movie). every time it rains and i see lucy come in the house i'm fearful to where she is going to decide to "shake." it's gotta go. 

Tuesday, April 17

a little easter

much overdue.
but that seems to be the story with me and photos. 

my mom's mom, grandma k adores easter
major understatement. 
it's an easter party not to miss. 
eggs filled with dollar bills as well as easter baskets with mustaches and other knick knacks  
what could be better? 

other highlights: 
visiting lots of family all the weekend long, 
me staying to dye easter eggs with all the little ones, and
discovering that the easter bunny still delivers to marrieds.
(thanks mom!) 

Friday, April 13


i don't drink
but if i did
i would be toasting to the weekend

why do some weeks seem to drag on and on and on and on? 
for me, this week was on of those weekends. 
"cheers to the weekend" 

i hope you have lovely plans in store. 
we don't have anything exciting in particular, especially with the dreary weather. 
but sister comes home tomorrow and i'm counting down the hours. 
this is the longest we've ever been apart. 
and that is saying a lot.
yay to sister club. 

happy friday! 

Wednesday, April 11

a dog, a bone, and a birthday party

lucy got to attend her first ever birthday party for her friend nora. she loved it, and we loved it. she loved it because she had non stop friends for two hours, we loved it because she had non stop friends for two hours too. i was a proud puppy mama too because she played oh so nicely with the kiddos, which was a sigh of relief in the long run. she also tried to steal nora's birthday present but we made her give it back, still working on sharing, and dropping, and staying, and all those other important things. 

emmy got pee'd on by a dog fire hydrant style, and didn't even realize it and the husband and i showed up wearing matching shoes so naturally we took a picture to show you. it was a successful party and we had the best time. thanks to the jones' and nora for having a birthday. 

Tuesday, April 10

missing this place

and "little ones"
and my adventures around the world. 
i feel so fortunate to learn and grow from them.

they are one of the biggest reasons for who i am today. 
especially the people
i could tell you stories for days because of my love for them. 
to see some of my adventures go to my previous blog.
see this sweet lady? she has leprosy. and on this particular day, about two seconds before this picture was taken her finger got stuck in my mouth. her finger that was shaped like a hook. and because of her excitement she didn't even realize that her finger was stuck in my mouth, and my hands were full and there was nothing that i could do about it. so i just laughed and laughed and then took this picture so i would never forget. don't worry after i started getting sores in my mouth a few days later, i took some hefty antibiotics and i've been a.ok. ever since. thank heavens. 

Friday, April 6


do you want to know what is amazing to me lately
well i'm going to tell you regardless. 

diet coke fountain machine at work. it's free
how happy the pandora app is making me as of late. best invention, ever.
an orchid that keeps spring apparent in my mind all day long, even when spring decides its time to snow. 
crazy utah weather. 
these classes that are kicking my derriere in shape, literally.
that we are the boss of ourselves, and that we really can do whatever we put our mind to.
so do it!
that babies are created inside bodies like mine, it really amazes me.
but don't you fret, i am not preggers. 

happy friday and happy easter!
off to costco for an afternoon date with the husband, some girl time, some down time, and an easter egg hunt or two. 
see you in a few!

Thursday, April 5


the husband sent me this while laying in bed next to me. 
from our "family" email address that he insisted on making for us, because we are a little family and we need one now. just a little 
this is why i married him, so i could giggle all my days at his silliness and his love notes. 

p.s. send a little "hello" and tell someone you love them just because. 

Wednesday, April 4


my mind is spinning. 
do you ever have nights where your mind won't stop thinking, 
turning and turning?
that was me last night, lots of new ideas over here.

 little ideas, exciting plans, secrets, wishes, and dreams taking place.
sometimes when my mind is spinning i'd rather dream real dreams then have a "sleeping dream"
and these are real dreams
that i hope come to life!
often these important times create the greatest outcomes in my opinion.

when i tell husband i can't sleep his automatic reply is, 
"stop thinking"
he knows me too well.

Tuesday, April 3

we played at the park

because the weather was so warm
because the trees were screaming spring
look how pretty, i'm la la loving it
and because lucy's tongue is the largest we took a picture just to prove it. 
the end.  

Monday, April 2

sneak peak

of cruise photos.
i'm the latest. 

to be honest, i made a big mistake and didn't take our camera on our trip. 
lucky for me we were with some great photographers. 
so here are a few for your enjoyment. 
and mine, because i'm missing this cruise and the warm sun, and of course the ocean.
ohh the ocean. 
 thanks goes to tui for these photos. 
 thanks tui!