Friday, April 6


do you want to know what is amazing to me lately
well i'm going to tell you regardless. 

diet coke fountain machine at work. it's free
how happy the pandora app is making me as of late. best invention, ever.
an orchid that keeps spring apparent in my mind all day long, even when spring decides its time to snow. 
crazy utah weather. 
these classes that are kicking my derriere in shape, literally.
that we are the boss of ourselves, and that we really can do whatever we put our mind to.
so do it!
that babies are created inside bodies like mine, it really amazes me.
but don't you fret, i am not preggers. 

happy friday and happy easter!
off to costco for an afternoon date with the husband, some girl time, some down time, and an easter egg hunt or two. 
see you in a few!


  1. FOUNTAIN diet coke!? Shut up! That's too great... You are quite lucky. Love the randomness :) Keep in touch!

    Congratulations on the big 200! That is awesome!

    As for the copying thing, I feel like if you imitate someone's outfit it is because you relate to that person and their style and I personally, find nothing wrong with it! Imitation is the best form of flattery- right?? :)

    Love the outfit and deeper thought posed in the post!


  2. Oh yeah, Pandora wakes me up every morning!


  3. Love costco dates! Orchids are beautiful , utah weather-get a life and happy easter, school is ALMOST over1

  4. Have you discovered 8 Tracks? When I get tired of Pandora, I listen to 8 Tracks. Best playlists ever!