Tuesday, February 28

our weekend in photos

this is what your weekend looks like when your husband gets surgery: 
our weekend included lots of yummy dinners and treats. 
one bored puppy, sick of her "person" being in bed. 
sleeping in and snuggling. husband is now calling it "nuggles" 
i tell him it sounds like harry potter. 
good books, delightful chats, and lovely visitors. 

i'm not complaining. 
but we are hoping for a speedy recovery. 

Monday, February 27

on another note

do you love her hair? 
because i sure do.
 i'm already giddy for spring and fun new styles. 
get me outta this cold and onto warmth. 
maybe it's our upcoming cruise to mexico in a few weeks!

i love both of these styles. 
planning on lots of braids and buns this upcoming season. 

scanned from life and style magazine

this time i mean it

i always say i'm never going back.

back to the dentist that is. 
but i really wish i could mean it this time. 

sadly, my uncle kyle he is my dentist. 
so of course there is somewhat of a love hate relationship there. 
i mean really, who does love the dentist

this mornings visit was different then your reg check up. 
oh yes, i got it all. 
by all i mean: separating tape (yes on my teeth), clamps that i swear permanently stretch your mouth out, teeth filing, chiseling saw, beeping lights, all of the noises you don't want to hear near your mouth. 

don't forget the "tasty" sour numbing cream. seriously?
perhaps i could go into a career in creating dental products that actually taste appealing. 

i'm a pill when it comes to the dentist as it is, so being there for two hours...
not quite my cup of tea. 
but it's over, hallelujah and mr. 7 and mrs. 10 look great 
(those would be my two teeth they worked on) 

now i'll spend the remainder of my day getting used to this grainy feeling, 
trying to remember what it feels like to use my tongue,
and remembering to never go back. 

i mean it. 

Friday, February 24

i really love this guy

i do. a lot.
so happy he's on the road to a speedy recovery. 
(husband had ouchy surgery this morning on his knee)

he's been a rockstar. 
the sweetest patient to nurse back to health. 
we've spent the afternoon snuggling in bed,  
i think i'll just stay here all weekend long. 
it's not often you get times to just relax with the one you love. 

happy friday! 

Wednesday, February 22

time out

today is one of those days.
 where i would love to cuddle up in my bed and pull the covers over my head.
or take a long relaxing bubble bath.
la la love baths. 
 because life is getting busy and a little crazy, and somehow i'm sick with a cold. 
and i never get to see husband anymore because he has decided to live at school.
oh chemistry when will you ever be over? 
i'm not complaining, i love being busy and would much rather have a list to do then find a to do. 
buuuut i just need a breather, a little break if you will. 
too bad that's not on the agenda...

it's ok to dream a little dream. 

Tuesday, February 21

he had to push me

out the door this morning, quite literally. 
the four day weekend was too good to be true. i've decided that going back to work on a tuesday is much worse then a regular monday after having the day off. how did you all spend your holiday? ours consisted of:

taking our pup to the dog wash. this same dog was. the one where you wash them yourself, it's supposed to be a great deal. that is if you have a well behaved-not afraid of loud noises dog, which we do not have. bless her heart. the result: husband and i leaving smelling like wet dog and needing our own wash, one battle wound on my chest from a ravenous claw, more lucy hair in my head then my own, mortified that i trimmed my dogs bottom hairs (tmi? yes, probably), and lastly one scrumptious smelling yet tortured lucy. oh i just can't wait to return. 

grocery shopping, which is always a treat. did you know smith's is giving double points until march? great news. this means gas points, which means less mullah on gas, and more money for fun things like date nights and cruise clothes. grocery shopping also included cleaning out the fridge and i mean who doesn't love that on a day off? yikes.

we also clean our humble abode, decided to be in high school again and attend the ehs bball game, ate yummy red mango and sat by the fire, discovered the game scrammble-i'm setting records low scores, got our sweat on (well i did, husband hasn't been doing much moving due to the knee injury), and had some friends over for good food (trial recipe) and great company. it was lovely though it wasn't glamourous, but much needed for all. 

Friday, February 17

yes, yes i am

i'm kissing this week goodbye! 
it was fabulous, but oh so long. 
can't wait for a loooooong weekend. 
i'm going back to the days of a babe where life consisted of eating, sleeping, and playing. 
perhaps some story time, and some nice warm bath time. why do those days ever end? 
oh yes we grow up i forgot. 
husband is letting me pick what we do this weekend. he's in for a real treat. sounds oh so lovely. 
happy friday! 

Thursday, February 16

pizza for lovers

i really can't believe it's only thursday. 
yesterday felt like friday, so my little brain is very confused and is already switching to weekend mode. maybe because valentines was so early in the week. or maybe because it's going to be a lovely four day weekend spent doing exactly what i please: husband time.

these photos are a little overdue, almost two weeks from a fun pizza night we had with friends.we made some d.e.licous pizzas call us pizzeria cooke hehe. it was actually the night that jake tore his knee so we look extra purty due to spending the greater part of the afternoon in the hospital. and poor poor husband, he was sad and was in major pain but he acted happy. thank you pain meds, we promise we won't take advantage of you. 

on a side note, we have uhmazein friends. i may say this all the time, but i really feel like we've won the lottery lately because we've had hardly a dull moment. aaannd what's even better is that we have an upcoming mexican riviera (sounds so chic) cruise with some of these lovelies, we are excited.  

Wednesday, February 15

in photos

1. lipstick stain kisses on husbands chick 2. homemade love cards in honor of mlh for primary childrens 3. dippin dots from lady a, don't ask i never get them but i loved them 4. lady a ticket stub 5. love day outfit 6. sunday love dinner from amy 7. love day treats cinnamon hearts  8. homemade sugar cookies 9. red roses delivered 10. husbands flowers 11. lover photo 12. valentine banner 13. lady a concert 14. homemade strawberry jam 15. valentine from mom and dad 16. mlh  

how was your love day?

ours was simple but so very lovely. no reservations, no hints, just the the two of us celebrating the way we like. we made dinner together again, i love this tradition. remember when i cut my finger open here while in the act? yes that was an expensive love day. 

dinner was actually breakfast this year, made fancy schmancy thanks to me, husband made is famous pancakes, i delivered the heart shaped fruit and whipped cream, enjoyed my beautiful flowers from husband, i died when i saw them just like i told you i would, gave husband a surprise gift that he loved even though i promised i wouldn't buy anything, someone smeared whipped cream all over my face it was a good look, husband accidentally said happy birthday rather then happy valentines while being cute, i love when he gets flustered oh man i do, and enjoyed each others company before heading off to the lady a concert which was uhmaze. thanks husband a million and more for finally accepting and being my valentine. 

Tuesday, February 14

be mine.

dear little morning kisses: you are why everyone should be in love. nothing is better then waking up to the one you love and whispering i love you with a kiss or two. maybe more today because it's love day after all. 

dear mlh:this day will always remind me of you. what is love day with out a little green for remembrance. i owe it to you for making me a part of who i am today. thinking of you and the love you brought to not only my life but all those whom you touched. i can't help but have overwhelming love for all of those who share this same bond. you made our friends so close and i love you all. x's and o's. 

dear emojis: you are taking my love day texts to a whole new level. i adore all of your cupid's, hearts, and kisses galore. i'm getting quite creative with you too. consider yourself lucky if you get a love text from me this day. 

dear love day sweets: i'm going to miss you. but while i'll miss you, i think i've celebrated you well and my thighs will not miss you at all. everything from the sweet sour hearts, conversation hearts, juju hearts and cinnamon lips, as well as sugar cookies and chocolate truffles. 

dear love flowers: i die. you've got to be the best part about love day next to spending it with husband. but coming from husband you are all the more exciting. i love everything about you and wish that every girl receives a special love bouquet today. cupid don't be afraid, work your magic.

dear past love day memories: you are why i love this day. i have so many memories of you, mainly about husband. i loved husband in the fifth grade while i watched him snowball with the other girls (he had no idea who i even was!), i fell in love with husband during valentines week as a fifteen year old girl, more in love with him when he sent me dozens of roses and sweet love letters on his mission, and now i'm in love with the idea of spending every love day with him for the rest of my life.

dear husband: i still ask myself why i got so lucky. you've spoiled me rotten and continue to do so every day. you've wooed me with love letters and sweet surprises for years and i giggle to myself when i think of your love. i'm so glad your mine to keep. you've taught me what unconditional love is and for that i'm forever grateful for. {loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will}

dear pink and red:i do not love your color combination except for during this month, it's one of my only rules. but for this week, i've combined you lots, especially for love day, including lips. pink in the day, red by night? don't mind if i do.

dear love date: i'm counting down the hours until you begin. big plans for you tonight. husband and i are off to hear love tunes by the one and only lady A tonight.  perhaps a late night dessert and of course kisses. it's my favorite excuse.

lovers letters 

p.s. hope you have a wonderful love day. say "i love you" to the ones you love and don't forget to  say it often, not only today but everyday. 

Monday, February 13

it's true

a little pretty before love day. 

i'm going to be honest

i was dreading monday. 

i have a love affair with the weekend, every weekend. it's full of my favorite things. this weekend seemed to fly by, but don't they always? here are our pathetic but perfect moments: 

1. lucy chasing a chicken in the backyard saturday morning, that poor poor chicken. i was terrified i was going to come home to dispersed feathers and a dead you know what to deal with. it didn't happen, in case you were wondering. 

2. staying at menchies for hours on end with favorite friends. as jeff put it, "we are the definition of loiterers." it's a high school hang out, but we don't mind, we do it anyways. 

3. husband collapsing at the boat show on saturday. i get the bad wife award for laughing hysterically at his pain. gasp. but only because he was saying funny things and laughing too, i swear. 

4. our sweet ol' mustang convertible dying on my this morning. for no reason, in a large intersection. i abandoned car, and got the giggles with my mom on my way down to work. no pictures, thought i'd save myself the visual reminder. ohh monday. 

4. the vow. i have some complaints. for being as excited as i was i'm surprised i was not disappointed, but it's valentines people and it's called "the vow" and i'm a hopeless romantic kinda girl. so give me more romance and a happier ending, please and thank you. (another loitering moment for us and friends, doesn't everybody hang out in the hallway hours after your show ends?) 

5. my primary four year olds. i love. highlight of this week: "sister brooke my mommy is having a baby!" mom sitting next to me, "oh yes, well i guess the secret is out i'm pregnant." haha only five weeks and still a secret, oops. 

6. a four hour emoji group text. with emmy, cate, and ej. our husbands finally protested by tweeting each other at the same time. we thought we were oh so clever and crack ourselves up. 

7. how excited i am for valentines day. i love love and i love husband. a holiday just for lovers! the end. 

Thursday, February 9

you're going to want to read this

meet cait 
(and she's pretty great. get it? cait the great? but seriously, she really is great i will tell you why)

the girl's got a killer sense of humor, wild and crazy at times but also one of the smartest peeps i know, the best friend you could ask for, owner of one of the cutest puppies ever, and she is a registered dietician with a new food blog.  i told you she was great. 

anyways she is really great because she taught my sorry little cooking skills a lesson or two last night. we made this uh.maze.ing recipe. you've got to try it. we made a couple mistakes along the way so do yourself a favor and read the directions unlike oh i dunno, maybe me. (yes i was the one who didn't read them thoroughly enough are you even surprised?) 

so here is the link to cait's blog. you will learn lots from her and she will not tell you to eat anything that tastes like cardboard. because let's be honest, nobody likes that. 

Wednesday, February 8

wednesday wish day

i'm a slacker at personal photos lately. so here is a personal favorite.  
do you ever? 

turn the music up way too loud in the car and belt out tunes pretending you are a rockstar? oh i don't know maybe to ke$ha?
me last night on my way home from the gym, extra loud. must've been those happy endorphins.

go to zumba and think you've got the moves like jagger?
then see yourself in the mirror and realize shakin' it might not be your thing. so you tone it down.

wish you could curl up in bed and read good books all the day long to your little hearts content.
after all it's national library lovers month. current read: the night circus.

wish that social media could just calm the heck down?
how on earth am i supposed to keep up with it all? it already takes me too long to keep up with: instagram, twitter, pinterest, and blogger. i can't even begin with many others.

have the urge to chop all your hair off one day and then the next day you wonder if you should die it another color?
i do, all the time. but then i keep telling myself that i've tried before. so i do the best to hold myself back.

want to scream on a mountain top how grateful you are for the people you have in your life?
i do, especially lately. i have amazing friends, one even brought over dinner last night. i was overwhelmed with love. oh and it was so yummy.

Tuesday, February 7

i can hardly stand it

how excited i am for this movie. 
it's going to be good, i know it.

how you ask? 
oh well because someone i know stayed up into the wee hours of the night rummaging youtube for anything i could possibly find because yes, i'm that excited. 
i think its safe to predict these three things: 

1. i'm going to cry like a baby
2. husband will get embarrassed but secretly love it too. 
3. we will both walk out happy. mainly me and i'll probably see it twice, just sayin'. 

so who's in?

Monday, February 6

a little letter

it's monday, oh monday. 

you are supposed to read that like this: "ohhhhhhhhhhh monnday." today i'm caught with lots of thoughts. i've been rather quite as my mind is talking to itself. 

you see husband had a ski incident on friday and hurt himself. he likes to spin high in the sky on the ski slopes and it doesn't always result happily. he is sad and i am sad because he is sad. but he's been one good sport while i try to take care of him. he has a long recovery ahead of him so i kind of want to say this to him: 

hey husband, 

i'm sorry you are hurting, but everything will work out. you will get through this because you are amazing and one of the strongest and hardest working people i know. oh and i need to mention how proud of you i am. you have been a stud. you have been kind, and thoughtful, and tried to be patient even though you are frustrated. thanks for being such a wonderful husband and my number one fan. i'm going to rub your feet, make you yummy meals, ice your knee, drug you up, and get you back to your happy healthy self. so be happy because i love you and i'm here for you every step of the way. 


p.s. sorry for the somberness of this post. i didn't mean for it to come off this way so i will have something bright and cheery on the docket next! 

Friday, February 3

oh me oh my!

it's finally the weekend. this week was one of those weeks that just seems to feel like an eternity. it was busy and tiresome yet productive and effective. no complaints there.

this morning husband and i talked about our weekend plans. you see he left for school when the sun was still sleeping, in the 6:00 hour. i die. when he came home he was a different person, i told you there was a weekend version of that man. making the long week all the more worth it. husband took a killer chemistry text this morning, one that has been taking up 99.98% of his sweet little time. so now it's my turn, boo yah chemistry you can have him back on monday but for now stay out of it. please and thank you.

as for the weekend plans, we are blessed to have the greatest friends, seriously, and we love our new ones a lot. i'd be confident to bet we have the coolest friends on the planet. weekend plans feel dreamy and we are going to play to our little hearts content. basketball game, super bowl party, cooking fabulous dinner, games, the list goes on. i'm promising great photos for monday, get excited.

happy friday! 

things for you to try this weekend: these pancakes m. stewart nailed it, need an idea for your super bowl treat? these win in my book, fall more in love with reese and her stylish self here, remember this, a little motivation here, some creativity here, and a sight for sore eyes here-take me please. enjoy!

Thursday, February 2

shadow or now shadow?

meet punxsutawney phil
do you know who he is?
he lives in gobblers knob, usa.
i've never been but from what i see they really love phil.
they also throw a big celebration for today.

which happens to be:
groundhog day.
according to folklore, if phil emerges from his lair to find his shadow then we are left with six more weeks of winter.
why don't you take a guess as to what he saw.
shadow or no shadow?

sadly for me that punxsutawney phil saw his little shadow.
oh dear six more weeks? i don't know if i can handle this dreary look much longer.
then again i may not be ready to stash away my coats, boots, scarves, and cozy sweaters. 
either way i'm celebrating this day for you little groundhog.  

Wednesday, February 1

love is in the air

some photos to sum up loves as of late. 
why of course? 
well because it's february and february is fabulous. 
happy love month! 

1st: National work naked day!
(i'd love to see who celebrates this one!)
2nd: crepe day and ground hog day
4th: bubble gum day
5th: super bowl day!
9th: read in the bath tub day
11th: white shirt day 
14th: valentines day
(also ferris wheel day)
15th: susan b. anthony day
19th: chocolate mint day 
20th: love your pet day 
20th: president's day 
21st: pancake day
26th: academy awards
28th: floral design day and tooth fairy day 
29th: nope i'm not fooling you-it's leap year day!

 February is also national library lovers month
which means all the more time to spend cuddled up reading books.

to see last years little post like this go here

do you ever?

breakfast: noun- a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day. 
oh but not in our home. we like breakfast for the last meal of the day. this is one of those really proud wife moments when my starving husband asks what is for dinner and i hold up a loaf of great harvest bread and state, while asking for approval, "french toast?" it was a long day at work. so we put on my favorite aprons and rocked out to adele in the kitchen while we cooked, ahem while jake cooked french toast. nothing better then nights like these. 

if it were my way i may possibly request breakfast food for every meal of the day, this has nothing to do with the fact that it is simple, or the fact that husband usually cooks these nights, ok maybe it does but look at him he loves it. and it's d.e.licious. and when husband is the chef you know you can throw healthy out the window because you are most definitely going to get extra cinnamon sugar and extra extra syrup. the stuff that is really good for you. do you ever have breakfast for dinner?