Thursday, February 2

shadow or now shadow?

meet punxsutawney phil
do you know who he is?
he lives in gobblers knob, usa.
i've never been but from what i see they really love phil.
they also throw a big celebration for today.

which happens to be:
groundhog day.
according to folklore, if phil emerges from his lair to find his shadow then we are left with six more weeks of winter.
why don't you take a guess as to what he saw.
shadow or no shadow?

sadly for me that punxsutawney phil saw his little shadow.
oh dear six more weeks? i don't know if i can handle this dreary look much longer.
then again i may not be ready to stash away my coats, boots, scarves, and cozy sweaters. 
either way i'm celebrating this day for you little groundhog.  

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