Friday, September 30

friday's favorites

(picture from t swift concert)

happy friday!

reasons we are loving friday:
jake is home early from class.
half day at work.
my boss brings in lunch for everyone on friday, i'm learning it's pretty much a party every day.
football game tonight.

a couple friday favorites to check out:

band: need to breathe



recipe: pull apart cinnamon pumpkin bread here
(we will definitely be having this for conference weekend)

Thursday, September 29

thursday thoughts

do you:
ever have those days where your mind is just spinning with thoughts?
i do.

usually on thursdays, when the week has just about passed and i'm letting myself think of the weekend.
this weekend in particular.

here are some of my thoughts today:

there are 2 weekends a year where we get to stay at home and listen to inspired words and actually be in our "comfy's" all day sunday and not need an excuse.
ohh conference weekend. i love.
(to find more about what we believe go here)

1. thinking about my love for tights, colored tights in particular. you must try them this fall.
i also love.
(did you know we are still in the high 80's in sl? i never thought i'd be asking but i am, bring on the cold!)

2. stacked rings. i loove rings.

3. this recipe is a nutella/greek yogurt fruit dip yum.
(go here)

4. and this recipe which i've been missing and stumbled across. it is divine. try it!
(go here)

lake powell in just 8 more days.
thats enough to distract me all day.

some other thoughts:
i really love my job, and i'm learning more then i ever imagined.
i am so grateful for salt lake, didn't think i would ever come to say that.
i miss friends who live far away.
i'm so happy to have technology to talk to friends who are far away.

and just a little reminder for myself and anyone else:

Wednesday, September 28

dear: tay tay

today has been a good day. in fact a very good day.
completed my second day of work, success.
was able to finally get my hairs did. thanks claire cuts.
caught up with some old friends. much needed.
took a cat nap. also much needed.
and now am preparing for some dear taylor swift with my husband.
good day.

last time i was able to see her perform was also a pretty amazing day. i was on study abroad in london, which made the experience that much better. check it out here.
it's left me with a lot of reminiscing down memory lane today. i dream of returning, very very soon. perhaps 2012 olympics?

i love tay tay. sometimes i pretend she writes her song for my life.
(one time i swear she really did)

Tuesday, September 27

our state fair, is a great state fair

and you bet your bottom dollar we went.
it's a yearly tradition and it's been one that husband and i have shared two years in a row now.

i think the animals take the cake for our fav and the rides that feel as though they may fall apart on you take second.
(not to mention court and i took our dates on a very twirly one and they got quite sick. oops)

Friday, September 23


guess what?
today is the FIRST official day of FALL
with that being said:
happy fall time people.
now if it was only that easy to turn the heat down a bit.

guess what else?
it's also the autumnal equinox.
i just learned what that was so lemme give you some details.
there will be exactly 12 hours of daylight since our lovely sun is directly over our heads.
which also means day and night will be the exact same length. cool? i'd say so.
this does mean our nights will now start to seem longer since we are losing our summer daylight.

oh and guess what else?
it's friday!
but did i really need to remind you of that?
prob not.

to celebrate here are some favorites for the weekend:

make a favorite fall time treat.

plan for favorite fall time holiday.

throw on your fall time outfit.

go up the canyon for a favorite fall time activity.

accessorize with a fall time print.

or bundle up and head to one of these.
(go east! both little brothers will be playing tonight)

Thursday, September 22

i will tell you...

that these are some of the things you will see in our house for

(along with lots and lots of candy corns and pumpkins. i love the pumpkins most, what is your pick?)

f you can't tell i've been a little excited for this holiday. i love the decor almost as much as christmas. i even started making our decorations weeks ago and have asked jake more then once if it would be ok if i started to put them up.
he objected. but...only 8 more days!

i will also tell you that last night i saw my future flash before my eyes a little bit. we are nannying some more darling kiddos and this was what i saw: my cute husband studying (well trying to) so hard with two little ones just waiting for him to be done so he could play! i just have a feeling that in several years down the road this will be our future while jake is in dental school. i secretly loved it.

Wednesday, September 21

dear: fall

could you please come soon?
sooner then later.
all i want is a cool crisp breeze and crunchy colorful leaves below my step.

just wanted to share some fall fashions i'm currently drooling

Sparkly Sequins

careless braids and knotty up do's

chunky scarves and sweaters

(i just got this cozy sweater with the elbow patches and i adore it. find it here)

fur fur and more fur

burgundy lips and smoky eyes

fall is my favorite season for more then one reason.
i love:
the fashion. the foods. and the holidays that come right after one another.

i find myself wanting to pull out all my boots and scarves yet it's still warm enough for shorts and sandals. this is a problem.

Tuesday, September 20

dear: luck

lately i've been trying to tell myself patience is a virtue. well my friends, it paid off.

you know how i said last week to cross your fingers for me because i had some potential job opportunities in the air? well....
i got a job! not only a job but the job.
really it couldn't be more perfect for me. all the time and waiting was worth it and definitely meant to be. never have i ever felt more lucky and blessed. i wish i could divulge all the details now but that will have to wait for a later time.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.
the one and only miss oprah winfrey

all i know is your going to be hearing this phrase a lot:
i love my job i love it i love it i love it.

Monday, September 19

sending love

one of my most favorite things is the smell and warmth of baking homemade bread.
not only do i love it but husband of mine loves it even more and is trying to talk me into making it on a 2x weekly basis.
(we'll see about that)
i decided to give away some of our loaves this time
(giving bread is like giving love away to me)
this was the finished product.

such an easy way to make something so wonderful seem even better.
click here for the recipe

Friday, September 16

today we...

mopped the house a little...
and then took ourselves for a little treat...after all it is the weekend right?
jake and i get to play with this little one and these darlings for the weekend and we couldn't be more excited.
happy friday everyone! xo

Wednesday, September 14

little things to think about

the other day i found this little quote on this little website (warning it is entirely addicting, but i l.o.v.e. it). it actually related with how i've been feeling lately. i have realized, in the time that i've had not being my usual busy self, that often we (i) do not nourish enough aspects of our lives appropriately.

i read this quote and though to myself: if i could accomplish one thing for each of these proposed questions each day i would feel fulfilled.

in the crazy hussle and bussle in our world today we often forget about the importance of life and what it is we really need, it's the little things that seem so simple that really make a big difference.

lately i've been expressing to jake that i don't feel like i'm living up to my potential and that i'n not being my very best self. i want to be better. i want to take care of my mind, my body, spirit, relationships, and develop and nourish my creativity and passions.

life is short, we don't know how many tomorrows we will have so we need to take advantage of all of our today's and we'll have great yesterdays to look back on and be excited for those tomorrows. so i challenge all of you to think of your own lives and what you are doing each day to answer each of these questions.

Tuesday, September 13

summer re.cap

may: lake powell over memorial day with some fun couples
brooke graduated. may 6, 2011. yes yes yes
jake took his first bite out of the "big apple." toured the city and loved it.
brooke took many bites while going back to jake's mission to visit
(seriously we ate more food in one visit then i've ever done on a trip before and that is saying a. lot)
june: mitch and maile were married. it was a b-e-a-utiful event.
lake powell with the cook family and the neighborhood clan. no accidents this time. yipee!
boating and bbq's.
july: celebrated our 1 year anniversary. it was a night to remember for a number of reasons but one thing that must be documented: i made a mistake of ordering lobster not knowing that it would be a 2.75 lb lobster thinking when i ordered i would just get 1 lb for $30 like the menu had said. Nope, not the case. $180 dollars later for a meal for two. jake couldn't have loved me more eek. other then that it was a great day and we have so much to be grateful for.
Oakley Rodeo
Sun Valley. Oh and did I mention I met Oprah?
Couples boating/camping trip. Definitely a must do again.
Laguna Beach with the Curtis'. heaven on earth.
more boating.

august: Megan and Hunt seal the deal. finally!
Pool time with friends while husbands go golfing.
Football Games. love love love.

i'll just conclude that summer vacations are so wonderful when you are married and lucky for us we have the best families to share them with.