Friday, September 23


guess what?
today is the FIRST official day of FALL
with that being said:
happy fall time people.
now if it was only that easy to turn the heat down a bit.

guess what else?
it's also the autumnal equinox.
i just learned what that was so lemme give you some details.
there will be exactly 12 hours of daylight since our lovely sun is directly over our heads.
which also means day and night will be the exact same length. cool? i'd say so.
this does mean our nights will now start to seem longer since we are losing our summer daylight.

oh and guess what else?
it's friday!
but did i really need to remind you of that?
prob not.

to celebrate here are some favorites for the weekend:

make a favorite fall time treat.

plan for favorite fall time holiday.

throw on your fall time outfit.

go up the canyon for a favorite fall time activity.

accessorize with a fall time print.

or bundle up and head to one of these.
(go east! both little brothers will be playing tonight)

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