Wednesday, November 30

christmas tree: check

last night we ventured down the robinson's tree farm to get ourselves a christmas tree.
i have to say that it was much different then hunting for one in the mountains...
i wast feeling too hopeful until we came across the "fresh cut" trees not the farm trees. 

after some searching and discussing we found the perfect tree. 
i absolutely love it and it smells so stinkin good
who doesn't love the smells of christmas? 

we loaded the tree on the good ol' mustang.
(ok well we watched as they did the work for us)  
and after almost losing it on the way home, we got it up and it looks so wonderful.
(that's what happens when you tie a xmas tree to a convertible) 

we spent the rest of the night putting up some of our decorations but still have some work to go. 
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in our home! 


Tuesday, November 29

lucy and lola

lola is lucy's new favorite friend. 
she belongs to hunter and megan
(wishing they had a blog)

lucy is 68 lbs larger then lola.
but it doesn't really phase either of them.
i am grateful because in the next few weeks they will be seeing more of each other due to christmas crafts that megs and i are constructing. 
(more to come on those soon)

anyways here are a few comparative pictures that will give you a better idea of their friendship. 
we love them. 
(and megs and hunt)

Monday, November 28

last game of the season

we kind of can't believe that the regular season of football is over. 
this means that winter really is just around the corner. 
luckily we have so many things to look forward to!
(for one, it's birthday week for husband!)

cook family took a family xmas card picture before the game on the field. 
it was fun to be down there during the excitement and to say hello to some of jake's old fb buddies. 

Monday, November 14


i am thankful. 
i love thanksgiving and being reminded of the many things we get to be thankful for. 
we truly are so blessed. 
there are always going to be wants, desires, and wishes in our lives but we are most blessed when we remember what we are already have.
there is always always always something to be thankful for. 

it's my goal to take time each day to remind myself how blessed and enriched my life is already.
i have a "grateful journal" and each page is numbered 1-10 to write at least 10 things i'm thankful for. 
you should make your own, it makes life sweeter when we give thanks. 

here are just a couple i wrote yesterday:
visits from friends far away
upcoming holidays to see family 
comfort i receive from believing this

Friday, November 11


cool huh?
i love dates like today.
(they don't come around very often) 

last night sister club and i were lucky enough to go to the opening of the first h&m in utah
we had lots of fun together (surprised?).
especially after i snuck her in. 

who could resist 25% off your entire purchase?
( not us) 

yesterday was a great day. the little brothers (sam and jason) won their football game.
next week they will be competing for the state championship. 
east hasn't been there since 96' 
wishing them luck! 

here are some favorites for friday as well. 
enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!
i know we will. 
utah game, family party, and date night.

1. banana spice bread 
2. ehs semi finals pre game 
3. notes lucy writes to jake 
4. lucy's extra puppy skin. 
(we like to torture her as much as we can :) 

1. i love this, try to remember it every day
 2. italy. i am dreaming of this place lots lately
3. paris isn't this just beautiful?
4. darling. and true. 

Tuesday, November 8

to try tuesday's

some inspiration to try new things. here are some of my hopefuls for this week. 

1. matte polish: you don't know jacques matte opi 
2. twisted pony:via here 
3. colored denim: find yours here 
4. leather, black, and burberry

1. diy burlap banner: pics to come of mine for thanksgiving 
2. darling printable: i love you because here 
3. rosemary olive bread: to die for here 
4. pumpkin spice doughnut holes: here
what are yours?

Monday, November 7

this weekend:

we took a last minute trip to bear lake.
the crew was great, new friends made, and many memories. 

thanks to sean and the swenson family for a lovely weekend. 
it was so nice to get some r&r with the husband. 

Thursday, November 3

dear: halloween 2011

thank you for being good to us. 
we had lots of fun planning our costumes, eating candy till we were sick, bobbing for apples, pinning the wart on the witch, seeing friends and family, and many more memories. 
here is this years festivities in pictures:

my husband is the best sport. 
but to be honest-he loved wearing his costume. promise. 

can't wait for halloween 2012. 

Wednesday, November 2


part of our halloween festivities included the utes blackout game. 
it was cold. 
so don't judge my "egg" head. 
the name husband coined for me.

i love him 

thank heavens we won. 
we love the utes always but were getting a little discouraged. 

Tuesday, November 1

so after all:

i took a little break from blogging. 
not because of dear little html but because we were too busy enjoying halloween festivities. 

i'm so excited to post pictures from our weekend.
this halloween had to have been one of the best we've had yet.
after many hours of making costumes, we turned out a success.
(i realized last night that i've completely created 5 of my costumes in the last 6 years. i'm proud)

we have wonderful family and friends and are really so lucky.

we are welcoming november with open arms.
the beginning of the holidays.
(and taking our last glances at the gorgeous fall leaves around here. it's about to get coldy!) 

loving november for some of these reasons:
colder weather
snow and skiing
continued pumpkin flavor enjoyment
turkey dinners
and continually being reminded of how blessed we are.