Thursday, March 29

a little disney

from my iPhone
i'm still working on cruise photos
 as you can see husband is rare to smile a regular smile, its a happy day when i get one normal photo. 
as you can also see, he was in a wheelchair happy day for him, not happy day for my patience and arms. 
as you can see we loved glasses this day-any kind, sunglasses to star trek specs we loved them. 
and my i also ad that husband was a chicken and opted out not to go on tower of terror, little baby, but you can see that i was sreaming like a baby the entire time. 
oh and as you can see we love disneyland, especially me. 
it will forever be:
"the happiest place on earth"

you can have whatever you like

i don't know about you but i am ubbsesssed with the jean trend currently. 
basically i'm finding more excuses to buy crazy printed pants to wear then ever before. 
how can you resist? 
getting dressed has never been so fun. 

Wednesday, March 28

morning hours

are you a morning person?
because i am definitely not. wishfully speaking i hope i am one day.
one day soon before i have babes.

but of course the husband is. 
why does this matter?
 because some days i wish he would just stay in bed and sleep, but rarely does it happen.

during his morning hours he is extra husbandly 
(i made that word up but i like to use it)
so lately i find myself dragging my sleepy bum out of bed to join him during his morning routine.
a little for him, a little for me.

because morning hours are quite and calm and it's something worth waking up for. 
even if i'm going to be a little sleepy later.

Monday, March 26


do you consider yourself a lucky one? 

some say i'm lucky 
like this friend of mine. 
(it's been a running joke for years)

perhaps it's the irish in me
that is what my mother would say.
my dad would say:
 it's being in the right place at the right time, 
others might just laugh. 

there have been times where i've felt a little lucky. 
like finding a .twenty.dollar bill on the sidewalk and marrying husband. 

and then there is husband, who is just down right lucky.
 it's kind of annoying really. 
he doesn't have to think too hard about things and then next thing you know it he's a pro
 one of his swooning traits. 
(i hope our babes get that from him)

but i'm feeling lucky lately. 
taking some chances and seeing where i end up.
 after all march is nearly over. 

p.s. can you tell i was in love with the sunsets this weekend. i don't even have pictures to justify. 
and i always die when i see husband in his "fancies" a.k.a. church clothes oh me oh my! 

Friday, March 23

to you:

happy friday! over here we are recovering from the hunger games midnight madness. it was just about everything i could've asked for. i for one love seeing a book be created into a movie and comparing my imagination with others perception. off to see it again soon I hope.

on our way to explore the opening of city creek mall, ive been warned it is amaze. then to watch my cute husband play "coach cook" for his soccer team. im also celebrating by wearing my tangerine skinnies. but regardless of what we do, its bound to be happy because it's friday. enjoy your weekend. xo

Thursday, March 22

it is true

a little story for you today. 
yesterday i lost lucy. i arrived home to see our gate wide eyed open. my heart stopped and i got that uncomfortable lump in my throat, the one where you know you are on the verge of tears. i know this may seem silly, she is a dog but all of a sudden i felt like a mother bear who lost her cub. frantically i searched with fear of never finding her or seeing her be hit by a car. she has no fear or apprehension towards anything. but then, ta da i found her across the street a few houses up. you should have heard the noises that came out of my mouth. i think i squealed and then i got so excited i could barely talk. i tell you it was like homeward bound in real life when i spotted her.

she was a mess and she smelled, like she had bathed with the pigs in the pig stye. i'm still confused trying to find out where she had been. but i've never been so relieved. i blame this partially on my moody-girl-emotional-time of the month but here is the moral of my story:

i realized yesterday what a wreck of a mother i'm going to be. it's true. i don't even know how i could love something more then this silly puppy but i know i will. what will become of me? i hope i'm not crazy and i hope i can get it together by then. the end.

p.s. i thought of posting a picture of my own but this one is so much better. i paaaahromise myself i'm going to be better at it. 

Wednesday, March 21

spring has sprung

at least in our little home. 
yesterday i made the home look like a "tornado" due to my spring fever
(words right from the misters mouth)
husband told me it was the first day of spring and
 i celebrated happily.  

i went out and found some of my favorite things. 
color, mini cadburys, and birds
everything to do with them
then i found out late last night that easter is less then a month away,
a little heartbroken
but our home feels bright and happy. 

so enjoy some of my spring favorites on a wishful wednesday. 
ahhh if wishes were fishes. 

p.s. i just joined forces with the most darling gals for a upcoming event in slc.
"the shine project"
but today they are trying to get on the ellen show! 
exciting right? 
so i'm helping spread the word and i know they would appreciate the love 
if you would go check out the blog (it won't disappoint) and
 do a little good in the world today 
i'll report back tomorrow on what i chose to do.  

Tuesday, March 20

happiness of a monday

usually mondays in my book are un•noteworthy 
but yesterday was lovely. 
a happy monday. 

let me tell you right now if i haven't already
hat i have a wonderful job.
(my friends like to remind me of this daily)
my boss let me off early and said use the rest of the day to yourself. 
dream come true i tell you. 
so rather then go home and do what i should have been doing
oh i don't know laundry, grocery shopping, clean my house

i dilly dallied all the day long. 
and i enjoyed every minute of it. 
so i don't feel bad one bit, not one bit at all.  
1. budding tulips and daffodils in my front yard, a pleasant surprise to come home to after vacation   2. my new mint green jeans   3. getting my ring back, longest i've ever gone not wearing it  4. newly painted nails in coral, all time favorite color    5. this lotion that i could not take on vacation, if you haven't tried hempz you must and if you want a luscious new flavor go for citrus blossom 5. attending highland high dance concert to see the dance i choreographed, they made me proud   6. spending the day with lucy pup who was so happy to see us. can't you tell?   7. hh officers aka "the girls in my dance" as i told husband all night, he was a A+ trooper for sitting through the concert not knowing a single person. 

p.s. my tooth chipped this morning. happy day right? husband is calling me "pirate" and i can't help but laugh at the situation. oh and the best part, i was flossing when it happened! how does that happen? anyways if you run into me this week you will get a good laugh because they can't fix it until next week. 

Monday, March 19

and we're back!

and we had so much fun, too much fun.  

we ate our heads off, laughed till our bellies hurt
soaked up the sun, scootered in the streets of mexico
la la loved the ocean, spent a little time at the happiest place on earth 
played adult married truth or dare, hot tubbed till we were raisins
and thanked our many blessings for time together.
(and great friends)

now it's back to reality, 
i almost forgot how to make my own bed this morning, ah vacation
my beach bum days are over for a while. husband thinks i'm silly for how slow i get back
into the "groove" of things. 

so for now i'll just do my best at it. 
sigh, i've got a mountain of laundry staring back at me.

Thursday, March 8

just a little share

it's a little long but
so worth your time. 
if you haven't watched it yet
you will not regret it. 

p.s. i'm so grateful for good people who are willing to make a change in the world. 
giving us hope, and making us want to all be better people. 

it's true

girls will be girls. 
they will.
and i love everything about being a girl. 
(ok well maybe not everything but most things) 

i love that i get to get all dolled up for fancy schmancy events, 
or even the not so fancy events. 
i also love to be doted on by my husband at times. 
that i can cry in movies and it's ok. 
or that i can have excuses to play with friends, like lunch dates and book club. 
i love bows and braids, painted nails and lips. 
oh and jewels don't get me started.

so lately i've been making myself extra girly. 
i was telling husband i think this happens every spring. 
he said he already knew that about me. 
you did? 

 i like to treat myself to new lip glosses, beauty tricks, and flouncy dresses. 
i may or may not have gotten fake eyelashes again. 
(and i love them, it takes so much time out of my morning routine.
so worth it)
bought this new gloss in poppy.
found this steal for mint jeans, you know i love mint. 
and i'm got my hair did. 

Tuesday, March 6

weekend highlights

husband attending a bachelor party so naturally i decided to hang out with our friends regardless that i would be the only loner of the group.

thanks to husband going to bachelor party i got to go to a yummy restaurant but our waitress i think felt bad for me. "poor girl, only single one in the group, all her friends are married" no lady, i just like my friends and my husband wanted to go be a boy for the night. it's fine.

getting the giggles over and over again with husband and friends.

husband asking me to put "hydrator" on his nails. you see he got jealous the other day while i was manicuring my nails. so we shared and i put it on his nails he thinks he is a girl.

going to the beauty supply store and buying light hold hairspray. girl at register tells me that they now have a firmer hold spray and i have to awkwardly and unfortunately admit that it is actually for my husband. starting to see a pattern here aren't we?

rearranging our room not once, not twice, but three times in one weekend. thank heavens i have a husband who just sighs and rolls his eyes but still puts up with my crazy ideas. i think we finally found a winner.

one of my four year olds telling me that when he grows up he wants to be a "dishwasher fixer" just like his dad. it's ok, his dad is really a lawyer but i'm glad he does handiwork around the house too. another one of my four year olds announcing, "my dad is really really almost bald" another one, "my dad is almost bald too and he is sad." poor dads.

stopping by red mango by myself on satruday because i was famished and it was the only thing in sight next to arby's and i didn't think before noon was good for arby's food. it's ok i like to take lots of outings a alone. another pattern we are starting to see.

dancing again, even though i was teaching. i miss dancing. had the best time with a best friend teaching the darling hh officers dance. also, getting to catch up with three other best friends through out the weekend. made my entire week.

Monday, March 5

not today you don't

usually i'm a bit late to welcome a new week.
but not today, why?
because in t-minus 4 days we leave for drum roll....
spring break!
ok so really i'm a working gal and don't have spring break, 
but because husband does and we are kind of "one"  that means i get one too. 
hallelujah. whomever coined spring break, 
i thank you.
you just knew we would need it. i wish everyone had spring break. 
it's always a lovely week.

i've got a list to do but i don't mind, nope not one bit. 
because in a few short days i will have nothing calling my name but:
 the sunshine, my beloved ocean (it's been far too long), good friends, conversations, yummy food,
and husband time. 

so hello monday
i welcome you with open arms. 

(p.s. lack of "real" pics due to me leaving phone at home.
i only take photos with that now days) 


it's friday did you know that? 
i put perfume on because it's friday.
and showered. and have color on my lips. and got somewhat ready. 
because i'm excited for the weekend. 
who isn't?
oh and this also means we leave in seven days for our cruise.  
the countdown is officially on. 

p.s. husband's leg has lost five inches in diameter since surgery. 
he is skinny minny over here, feel free to bring over sympathy treats. 
he also is a rockstar and surprised me with a fancy gift last night just for fun.
(miss clarisonic mia 2)
la la love him. 

Friday, March 2

two a.m.

 this is what 2 am looked like last night. 
so peaceful and quite, which is hard to come by these days.
but at two am i found it standing in the middle of the road.
i know i'm no photographer but you get the idea.  

after shoveling the walks, very late because it was a long day, 
i decided to let lucy have some fun.
this girl loves the snow. she is fascinated with it. 
such a puppy when it snows.
she loves submerging her entire face under the snow 

as desperate as i am for a change of scenery and warmer weather,
hello spring where are you now?
i was having just too much fun to go to sleep. 

Thursday, March 1

la la lucy girl.

this crazy puppy girl has decided that right next to my face (or rather on my face)
is her favorite place to be. 
such a cuddly puppy, even more so lately. 
all of my phobias of dog hair have nearly disappeared. 
who ever would've thought? 
love my lucy. 
(normally not a dog lover but that's what happens when you have your own. beware)