Monday, March 5

not today you don't

usually i'm a bit late to welcome a new week.
but not today, why?
because in t-minus 4 days we leave for drum roll....
spring break!
ok so really i'm a working gal and don't have spring break, 
but because husband does and we are kind of "one"  that means i get one too. 
hallelujah. whomever coined spring break, 
i thank you.
you just knew we would need it. i wish everyone had spring break. 
it's always a lovely week.

i've got a list to do but i don't mind, nope not one bit. 
because in a few short days i will have nothing calling my name but:
 the sunshine, my beloved ocean (it's been far too long), good friends, conversations, yummy food,
and husband time. 

so hello monday
i welcome you with open arms. 

(p.s. lack of "real" pics due to me leaving phone at home.
i only take photos with that now days) 

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