Tuesday, March 6

weekend highlights

husband attending a bachelor party so naturally i decided to hang out with our friends regardless that i would be the only loner of the group.

thanks to husband going to bachelor party i got to go to a yummy restaurant but our waitress i think felt bad for me. "poor girl, only single one in the group, all her friends are married" no lady, i just like my friends and my husband wanted to go be a boy for the night. it's fine.

getting the giggles over and over again with husband and friends.

husband asking me to put "hydrator" on his nails. you see he got jealous the other day while i was manicuring my nails. so we shared and i put it on his nails too...now he thinks he is a girl.

going to the beauty supply store and buying light hold hairspray. girl at register tells me that they now have a firmer hold spray and i have to awkwardly and unfortunately admit that it is actually for my husband. starting to see a pattern here aren't we?

rearranging our room not once, not twice, but three times in one weekend. thank heavens i have a husband who just sighs and rolls his eyes but still puts up with my crazy ideas. i think we finally found a winner.

one of my four year olds telling me that when he grows up he wants to be a "dishwasher fixer" just like his dad. it's ok, his dad is really a lawyer but i'm glad he does handiwork around the house too. another one of my four year olds announcing, "my dad is really really almost bald" another one, "my dad is almost bald too and he is sad." poor dads.

stopping by red mango by myself on satruday because i was famished and it was the only thing in sight next to arby's and i didn't think before noon was good for arby's food. it's ok i like to take lots of outings a alone. another pattern we are starting to see.

dancing again, even though i was teaching. i miss dancing. had the best time with a best friend teaching the darling hh officers dance. also, getting to catch up with three other best friends through out the weekend. made my entire week.

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