Wednesday, February 16

day off

we decided to celebrate by skiing the slopes. couldn't be more perfect. thank goodness for days off!

Tuesday, February 15

love day

valentines day this year was quite a hit. it left us with more surprises then we asked for but also so much love. we decided that lately we've been so busy that it would be nice to spend the night at home. so me, wanting to be the good wife i am, set off to the grocery store to begin my cooking early.

the menu: shrimp linguine, homemade cesaer salad, butter croissants, and chocolate molten cake.
delicious right?

so at 2:30 p.m. while cutting the lettuce with a very sharp knife...i did a little damage to my finger, and after a few hours at this hospital this was the outcome.
yes, i did nearly chop it off. yes, i could see my bone. yes, jake was at football and i was home
alone. and yes, it hurts so bad and was THE grossest thing i've encountered in a while. needless to say our dinner turned out to be a very time consuming and expensive one!

On a lighter note, my sweet husband brought home the most beautiful roses and we set the table nicely with flowers, candles, and of course chocolate covered strawberries. it was delicious.
thanks to my sweet mom who came and finished making the meal with me after the stitches.
Jake gave me the book "i love you because," it is darling and so sweet. if you haven't read it, you must.
needless to say our first valentines day together is one for the books. we loved our dinner, loved our small gifts, and of course loved the time we were able to spend together even with a very hurt finger.

Monday, February 14

LUCY: definition-crazy crazy puppy, sharp baby teeth, full of endless energy, sleeping through the night, still loving jakes shoes, chasing any cleaning tools, my little shadow, and growing right before our eyes.
this is what our little pup is up to as of 11 weeks. she really is so big its frightening. we may have underestimated her size but we love her. i just love it when she wants to snuggle which is .01% of the time!

Saturday, February 12

boat show

us at the boat show this weekend. not the best picture, but the best looking boat and the best looking guy. can't wait for summer in powell...calling our names!

Wednesday, February 9


i have this slight obsession with elephants. going to india did it to me. this summer i bought a porcelain elephant and named her raja, she sits on our dresser in our room. jake thinks she is silly, especially since she was such a hassle to bring home. but i love elephants, the little ones are the cutest

i have a really great friend, her name is emmy and she and her husband josh are the coolest because they are going to south africa on their honeymoon! jealous? yes. they will be seeing elephants in the wild while they are there.

Tuesday, February 8

project: DINKY

some of my lovely friends: this gal and this gal, whom i adore, coined this word a year or so ago. it's a silly sounding world but don't let it fool you. tease me if you'd like, i'm fine with that. but here is the definition in their own words:
lovely, ruffly (who doesn't adore ruffles?), simple, darling, beautiful lady.
one who creates beautiful things and enjoys life itself.
i've had a hiatus from creativity...odd for myself because its something that makes me tick. i've exhausted my time and energy on other things and have found myself craving some "dinky-ness." To cook, to sew, to create, to make beautiful spaces, and things that is what I please. So if you will-let us be dinky, because I am a woman and this is what I believe in.

so...who's in?

Monday, February 7

february's little letters:

dear lucy: we love you. but you are definitely a morning girl and no doubt about it a puppy too. you are nibbling at everything, especially me. you eat my hair and i don't love it so much. sweeping, mopping, even walking is a little tricky with you around but also so so fun.

dear learning: you are unbelievable. the knowledge available in our world is endless. not enough hours in the day to fill our minds and enrich our lives with this knowledge. how remarkable our minds and bodies were created, the capability we are given to uphold and retain information and to utilize it in our lives, so unreal.

dear winter: we have 50 or so days left with you. how did i never know you were so long until this year? while i love your gift of snow, i'm dreaming of warm weather and a summer glow.

dear marriage: nothing is better. especially being able to celebrate love month head over heels and in love. not enough words to explain. i love LOVE. i believe in it, i live for it. i don't find anything else in this world that is more rewarding then being a wife, a soul mate, a best friend, and waking up each morning next to you is a dream, and having you all to myself is so surreal. coming home to someone each day and always having a best friend is too good to be true. 7 months down (can you believe it) and forever to go!

dear valentines day: lots of surprises for you. i love your hearts, your colors, and your candies. mmm mmm cinnamon lips and sour hearts are two of my favorites.

Friday, February 4

resolution. it's only february 4th

i am a resolute. it's what i do. goals, list, plan, check off, completed, begin again.
do it perfectly. don't set a goal expected to fail. here are the resolutions i began in january and have decided that they have made the list!
my new middle name: "cardio" it will be done, whether i like it or not.
i will learn to love the three letter word. RUN
write letters, often (lovers letters too)
write in journal more often. a lost art that has kept me up at times and helps me to remember my fondest memories.
i will also wallpaper a room in the house.
dream by the beach whenever possible. and read the book of mormon at least once.
have i done any good in the world today?
smile. love. laugh. relax.

Thursday, February 3

i love

and have a long loving relationship with new england style homes. my love (& i mean true love) for cape cod/nantucket charm is almost too much. something is so charming about these homes. light interiors
dark coffee floors
elegant lighting
plush furniture
clean lines
i really love it all
here are some beautiful inspirations.

oh so lovely.

one day i dream of designing my own cape cod/ nantucket style home. and in my next life-i will be an interior designer.

Wednesday, February 2

things to l.O.v.E.

currently my mind has been dreaming.
dreaming of lots of things that i love and am currently loving.
here are some of my obsessions.
spring just around the corner, and sweet floral prints.
fresh bruschetta on a toasted baguette
sushi. need i say more?
beautifully adorned sugar cookies.
this simple quote.
loose waves and coral lips.
and...upcoming beach vacations.
(just so you know this is exactly where our honeymoon was, take me back now)

what are you loving?

Tuesday, February 1

love love love

happy love month! february couldn't have come at a better time, january was cold an warmer weather is on my mind. but i love february, besides the fact that its valentines day it is also full of many other celebrations. i got these from this friends blog. so this love month celebrate more then just the 14th.

4th- bubble gum day
9th- read in the bath tub day
11th- white shirt day
14th- Valentines day.
19th- chocolate mint day
20th- love your pet day ( we are establishing an i love lucy day for our little pup lucy)
21st- President's day
26th- Levi Strauss day
27th- Academy Awards
28th- floral design

too many lovely days that all scream pink, pretty, and lovely to me. here are some inspiring pictures to get you through your day. happy february lovers!

try making these lovely pancakes

pretty little polaroids and plush flowers

darling cupcakes try this recipe.
red ruffly pumps
elegant blush hues