Tuesday, February 1

love love love

happy love month! february couldn't have come at a better time, january was cold an warmer weather is on my mind. but i love february, besides the fact that its valentines day it is also full of many other celebrations. i got these from this friends blog. so this love month celebrate more then just the 14th.

4th- bubble gum day
9th- read in the bath tub day
11th- white shirt day
14th- Valentines day.
19th- chocolate mint day
20th- love your pet day ( we are establishing an i love lucy day for our little pup lucy)
21st- President's day
26th- Levi Strauss day
27th- Academy Awards
28th- floral design

too many lovely days that all scream pink, pretty, and lovely to me. here are some inspiring pictures to get you through your day. happy february lovers!

try making these lovely pancakes

pretty little polaroids and plush flowers

darling cupcakes try this recipe.
red ruffly pumps
elegant blush hues