Friday, January 28

silly obsesssion

this little girl. we love her-oh man yes we do. we are smitten silly, and we apologize to all of our friends and family for our annoyance. sorry, it probably won't change...let us introduce our little...

born december 12th 2010
(8 weeks old, now and getting big!)
she is a chocolate lab and her coat is soft and brown with the prettiest eyes you'll ever see.
loves to sleep, cuddle, slip around the hardwood floors, play, sleep, and eat.
runs like a bunny. 11 lbs.
along with chasing me around and nipping at my feet.
she has been so surprisingly good at going potty where she's supposed to. (esp. at 2, 3, 4, and 5 am)
she attempts to scratch her head while standing up, making her fall on her face. but we are going to work on that.

we are already overwhelming ourselves with photos, and stories, and i've had to promise myself that we won't only post about her from now on. but, she is so stinkin cute, and you all need to come see for yourselves. we hope not to drive anyone crazy, and as a disclaimer we can't help it because we are in love.

p.s. we were worried about the timing since we feel like we just got married yesterday, but it's been one of best decisions and we are thrilled to have her in our little family.

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