Tuesday, February 8

project: DINKY

some of my lovely friends: this gal and this gal, whom i adore, coined this word a year or so ago. it's a silly sounding world but don't let it fool you. tease me if you'd like, i'm fine with that. but here is the definition in their own words:
lovely, ruffly (who doesn't adore ruffles?), simple, darling, beautiful lady.
one who creates beautiful things and enjoys life itself.
i've had a hiatus from creativity...odd for myself because its something that makes me tick. i've exhausted my time and energy on other things and have found myself craving some "dinky-ness." To cook, to sew, to create, to make beautiful spaces, and things that is what I please. So if you will-let us be dinky, because I am a woman and this is what I believe in.

so...who's in?

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