Monday, February 7

february's little letters:

dear lucy: we love you. but you are definitely a morning girl and no doubt about it a puppy too. you are nibbling at everything, especially me. you eat my hair and i don't love it so much. sweeping, mopping, even walking is a little tricky with you around but also so so fun.

dear learning: you are unbelievable. the knowledge available in our world is endless. not enough hours in the day to fill our minds and enrich our lives with this knowledge. how remarkable our minds and bodies were created, the capability we are given to uphold and retain information and to utilize it in our lives, so unreal.

dear winter: we have 50 or so days left with you. how did i never know you were so long until this year? while i love your gift of snow, i'm dreaming of warm weather and a summer glow.

dear marriage: nothing is better. especially being able to celebrate love month head over heels and in love. not enough words to explain. i love LOVE. i believe in it, i live for it. i don't find anything else in this world that is more rewarding then being a wife, a soul mate, a best friend, and waking up each morning next to you is a dream, and having you all to myself is so surreal. coming home to someone each day and always having a best friend is too good to be true. 7 months down (can you believe it) and forever to go!

dear valentines day: lots of surprises for you. i love your hearts, your colors, and your candies. mmm mmm cinnamon lips and sour hearts are two of my favorites.

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