Friday, February 4

resolution. it's only february 4th

i am a resolute. it's what i do. goals, list, plan, check off, completed, begin again.
do it perfectly. don't set a goal expected to fail. here are the resolutions i began in january and have decided that they have made the list!
my new middle name: "cardio" it will be done, whether i like it or not.
i will learn to love the three letter word. RUN
write letters, often (lovers letters too)
write in journal more often. a lost art that has kept me up at times and helps me to remember my fondest memories.
i will also wallpaper a room in the house.
dream by the beach whenever possible. and read the book of mormon at least once.
have i done any good in the world today?
smile. love. laugh. relax.

1 comment:

  1. I've made the same goal to try to make running one of my favorite things! I'm always jealous of runner's bodies, so I've decided to give it a shot. :) You can do it :)