Tuesday, February 15

love day

valentines day this year was quite a hit. it left us with more surprises then we asked for but also so much love. we decided that lately we've been so busy that it would be nice to spend the night at home. so me, wanting to be the good wife i am, set off to the grocery store to begin my cooking early.

the menu: shrimp linguine, homemade cesaer salad, butter croissants, and chocolate molten cake.
delicious right?

so at 2:30 p.m. while cutting the lettuce with a very sharp knife...i did a little damage to my finger, and after a few hours at this hospital this was the outcome.
yes, i did nearly chop it off. yes, i could see my bone. yes, jake was at football and i was home
alone. and yes, it hurts so bad and was THE grossest thing i've encountered in a while. needless to say our dinner turned out to be a very time consuming and expensive one!

On a lighter note, my sweet husband brought home the most beautiful roses and we set the table nicely with flowers, candles, and of course chocolate covered strawberries. it was delicious.
thanks to my sweet mom who came and finished making the meal with me after the stitches.
Jake gave me the book "i love you because," it is darling and so sweet. if you haven't read it, you must.
needless to say our first valentines day together is one for the books. we loved our dinner, loved our small gifts, and of course loved the time we were able to spend together even with a very hurt finger.

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