Tuesday, March 20

happiness of a monday

usually mondays in my book are un•noteworthy 
but yesterday was lovely. 
a happy monday. 

let me tell you right now if i haven't already
hat i have a wonderful job.
(my friends like to remind me of this daily)
my boss let me off early and said use the rest of the day to yourself. 
dream come true i tell you. 
so rather then go home and do what i should have been doing
oh i don't know laundry, grocery shopping, clean my house

i dilly dallied all the day long. 
and i enjoyed every minute of it. 
so i don't feel bad one bit, not one bit at all.  
1. budding tulips and daffodils in my front yard, a pleasant surprise to come home to after vacation   2. my new mint green jeans   3. getting my ring back, longest i've ever gone not wearing it  4. newly painted nails in coral, all time favorite color    5. this lotion that i could not take on vacation, if you haven't tried hempz you must and if you want a luscious new flavor go for citrus blossom 5. attending highland high dance concert to see the dance i choreographed, they made me proud   6. spending the day with lucy pup who was so happy to see us. can't you tell?   7. hh officers aka "the girls in my dance" as i told husband all night, he was a A+ trooper for sitting through the concert not knowing a single person. 

p.s. my tooth chipped this morning. happy day right? husband is calling me "pirate" and i can't help but laugh at the situation. oh and the best part, i was flossing when it happened! how does that happen? anyways if you run into me this week you will get a good laugh because they can't fix it until next week. 


  1. beautiful ring and what an adorable puppy!!!
    xx jes

  2. That ring is so gorgeous - sorry to hear about your tooth

    I hope you have a lovely week :)



  3. yay for afternoon relaxation time! so jealous of your break from work, your pics are great! :)

  4. I love getting released from work early (released is probably a poor choice of words... sounds like prison or something). Also, I love your mint green jeans, I want some badly!



    i choreographed for highland last year! omg so crazy! i love those girls

  6. your ring is amazing.