Monday, March 19

and we're back!

and we had so much fun, too much fun.  

we ate our heads off, laughed till our bellies hurt
soaked up the sun, scootered in the streets of mexico
la la loved the ocean, spent a little time at the happiest place on earth 
played adult married truth or dare, hot tubbed till we were raisins
and thanked our many blessings for time together.
(and great friends)

now it's back to reality, 
i almost forgot how to make my own bed this morning, ah vacation
my beach bum days are over for a while. husband thinks i'm silly for how slow i get back
into the "groove" of things. 

so for now i'll just do my best at it. 
sigh, i've got a mountain of laundry staring back at me.


  1. The laundry mountain is the worst. Takes me forever to unpack after a vacation. 1) I refuse. 2) I'm in denial. 3) I refuse.

    Welcome back!
    xx Jes

  2. scootering through mexico sounds like a dream. can't wait to see more pictures!
    xo TJ

  3. Coming back from vacation is the WORST. I'm with ya! Can't wait to see more photos.

  4. Sounds like you guys had SO much fun!! A cruise sounds heavenly right now. I think coming back from a vacation and getting back into the swing of things is the absolute worst! Hope Jake's leg is doing better. Xo

  5. ahhh so jealous, not about the laundry, but about the vacation.


  6. the beaches of Mexico sound amazing right about now! sounds like an amazing trip :)

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Emma xo