Wednesday, March 21

spring has sprung

at least in our little home. 
yesterday i made the home look like a "tornado" due to my spring fever
(words right from the misters mouth)
husband told me it was the first day of spring and
 i celebrated happily.  

i went out and found some of my favorite things. 
color, mini cadburys, and birds
everything to do with them
then i found out late last night that easter is less then a month away,
a little heartbroken
but our home feels bright and happy. 

so enjoy some of my spring favorites on a wishful wednesday. 
ahhh if wishes were fishes. 

p.s. i just joined forces with the most darling gals for a upcoming event in slc.
"the shine project"
but today they are trying to get on the ellen show! 
exciting right? 
so i'm helping spread the word and i know they would appreciate the love 
if you would go check out the blog (it won't disappoint) and
 do a little good in the world today 
i'll report back tomorrow on what i chose to do.  


  1. Such pretty finds! I love that srping is in the air it makes me smile inside :)


  2. ummm do i spy my friend rachel in this collage! so funny to see her popping up on the blogosphere lately!

    and i can honestly say i want eeeeverything in this.

  3. I am loving floral pants for spring but I am so unsure that I can pull them off. I really love your simple blog design.

  4. I love all those spring bright colors I'm seeing. xoxo