Thursday, March 22

it is true

a little story for you today. 
yesterday i lost lucy. i arrived home to see our gate wide eyed open. my heart stopped and i got that uncomfortable lump in my throat, the one where you know you are on the verge of tears. i know this may seem silly, she is a dog but all of a sudden i felt like a mother bear who lost her cub. frantically i searched with fear of never finding her or seeing her be hit by a car. she has no fear or apprehension towards anything. but then, ta da i found her across the street a few houses up. you should have heard the noises that came out of my mouth. i think i squealed and then i got so excited i could barely talk. i tell you it was like homeward bound in real life when i spotted her.

she was a mess and she smelled, like she had bathed with the pigs in the pig stye. i'm still confused trying to find out where she had been. but i've never been so relieved. i blame this partially on my moody-girl-emotional-time of the month but here is the moral of my story:

i realized yesterday what a wreck of a mother i'm going to be. it's true. i don't even know how i could love something more then this silly puppy but i know i will. what will become of me? i hope i'm not crazy and i hope i can get it together by then. the end.

p.s. i thought of posting a picture of my own but this one is so much better. i paaaahromise myself i'm going to be better at it. 


  1. i literally had anxiety for you reading this.
    so glad you found her! and i love that picture.
    xx jes

  2. argghh that is the worst feeling ever. I totally know how you felt.

  3. OMG! How worried you must have been! But I'm so glad and relieved you found her!! xoxo

  4. i feel your pain! completely! somehow the door to josh's apartment magically opens randomly ALL the time without us knowing it and a few hours later Charlie comes prancing in proudly showing of some sticks he found. it terrifies me every time, but amazes me that he ALWAYS comes back!

  5. Omg i read your first scentence and i thought you lost your dog, like dead, i was almost in tears, because what a horrible feeling. I am glad this story had a happy ending! Super cute blog, I can't find an about section but it looks like from previous posts you are from utah? I am living here at the moment and would love to have a new blog friend!