Wednesday, March 28

morning hours

are you a morning person?
because i am definitely not. wishfully speaking i hope i am one day.
one day soon before i have babes.

but of course the husband is. 
why does this matter?
 because some days i wish he would just stay in bed and sleep, but rarely does it happen.

during his morning hours he is extra husbandly 
(i made that word up but i like to use it)
so lately i find myself dragging my sleepy bum out of bed to join him during his morning routine.
a little for him, a little for me.

because morning hours are quite and calm and it's something worth waking up for. 
even if i'm going to be a little sleepy later.


  1. eeeeek, love the outfit AND red mango! i could most definitely use some right now, i believe it would make a fantastic dinner!

  2. i am a morning person... surprisingly. and unbeknownst to everyone in my family.

    but i am not a red mango person? maybe it was the place i went to but the yogurt was STUCK to my spoon. the whole chunk of it.

    xx jes

  3. This is super cute! Luckily my husband and I are both not morning people...well luckily until we have the babies...

  4. im definitely the farthest thing from a morning person possible, however i work at 7am everyday. despite that i have been doing this for almost 6 months, i'm still not used to it. i don't think i will ever become a morning person.


  5. I am a morning person. It is definitely a good trait when it comes to bebes!