Friday, November 11


cool huh?
i love dates like today.
(they don't come around very often) 

last night sister club and i were lucky enough to go to the opening of the first h&m in utah
we had lots of fun together (surprised?).
especially after i snuck her in. 

who could resist 25% off your entire purchase?
( not us) 

yesterday was a great day. the little brothers (sam and jason) won their football game.
next week they will be competing for the state championship. 
east hasn't been there since 96' 
wishing them luck! 

here are some favorites for friday as well. 
enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!
i know we will. 
utah game, family party, and date night.

1. banana spice bread 
2. ehs semi finals pre game 
3. notes lucy writes to jake 
4. lucy's extra puppy skin. 
(we like to torture her as much as we can :) 

1. i love this, try to remember it every day
 2. italy. i am dreaming of this place lots lately
3. paris isn't this just beautiful?
4. darling. and true. 

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