Wednesday, November 30

christmas tree: check

last night we ventured down the robinson's tree farm to get ourselves a christmas tree.
i have to say that it was much different then hunting for one in the mountains...
i wast feeling too hopeful until we came across the "fresh cut" trees not the farm trees. 

after some searching and discussing we found the perfect tree. 
i absolutely love it and it smells so stinkin good
who doesn't love the smells of christmas? 

we loaded the tree on the good ol' mustang.
(ok well we watched as they did the work for us)  
and after almost losing it on the way home, we got it up and it looks so wonderful.
(that's what happens when you tie a xmas tree to a convertible) 

we spent the rest of the night putting up some of our decorations but still have some work to go. 
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in our home! 


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