Friday, December 2

wind storms and birthday boy

we've had an exciting past 36 hours around our home. 

to start off we woke up at 3:45 am because of the loud wind and took a look outside.
our convo went something like this: 

jake: is that bad?
me: i think so. what is that? 
(i was really tired and i think i mean where did that come from)
jake: its a tree 

so we woke up that morning to see this: 


and around the neighborhood this:

later that afternoon they clipped, yes clipped the power line...and walked away. 
apparently it can't be fixed until today. great. 
no power. 

when i started to complain, this was jake's response
"it will be fun, you can blog about it" haha 
so here i am making the most of our exciting night 
with no power.

but to the important news...
it's husbands birthday today!

this was really why i was frustrated with out power. 
i needed to wrap presents, i couldn't make any food (no breakfast in bed), and we were sleeping on the floor, and our house was cold, cold like 54 degrees cold. 

but it was a fun adventure. 
we lit all our candles, laughed as we stumbled to find things in the dark, and munched on anything that didn't need prep or came from a fridge. 

happy birthday jake! 
i love you so much. i'm so so lucky to have you as my husband. 

not much of a breakfast in bed...i did my best. 

opening presents by the fire, the only warmth we had.  

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