Thursday, September 22

i will tell you...

that these are some of the things you will see in our house for

(along with lots and lots of candy corns and pumpkins. i love the pumpkins most, what is your pick?)

f you can't tell i've been a little excited for this holiday. i love the decor almost as much as christmas. i even started making our decorations weeks ago and have asked jake more then once if it would be ok if i started to put them up.
he objected. but...only 8 more days!

i will also tell you that last night i saw my future flash before my eyes a little bit. we are nannying some more darling kiddos and this was what i saw: my cute husband studying (well trying to) so hard with two little ones just waiting for him to be done so he could play! i just have a feeling that in several years down the road this will be our future while jake is in dental school. i secretly loved it.


  1. Brooke!! I am so glad I found your is darling! I am going to add you to my list--and I think you need your decorations up now. Its too exciting! Miss you guys!

  2. Brooke, I LOVE that you are blogging again! Your blog is one of the first ones that I read. miss you! xoxo