Thursday, September 29

thursday thoughts

do you:
ever have those days where your mind is just spinning with thoughts?
i do.

usually on thursdays, when the week has just about passed and i'm letting myself think of the weekend.
this weekend in particular.

here are some of my thoughts today:

there are 2 weekends a year where we get to stay at home and listen to inspired words and actually be in our "comfy's" all day sunday and not need an excuse.
ohh conference weekend. i love.
(to find more about what we believe go here)

1. thinking about my love for tights, colored tights in particular. you must try them this fall.
i also love.
(did you know we are still in the high 80's in sl? i never thought i'd be asking but i am, bring on the cold!)

2. stacked rings. i loove rings.

3. this recipe is a nutella/greek yogurt fruit dip yum.
(go here)

4. and this recipe which i've been missing and stumbled across. it is divine. try it!
(go here)

lake powell in just 8 more days.
thats enough to distract me all day.

some other thoughts:
i really love my job, and i'm learning more then i ever imagined.
i am so grateful for salt lake, didn't think i would ever come to say that.
i miss friends who live far away.
i'm so happy to have technology to talk to friends who are far away.

and just a little reminder for myself and anyone else:

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