Wednesday, September 28

dear: tay tay

today has been a good day. in fact a very good day.
completed my second day of work, success.
was able to finally get my hairs did. thanks claire cuts.
caught up with some old friends. much needed.
took a cat nap. also much needed.
and now am preparing for some dear taylor swift with my husband.
good day.

last time i was able to see her perform was also a pretty amazing day. i was on study abroad in london, which made the experience that much better. check it out here.
it's left me with a lot of reminiscing down memory lane today. i dream of returning, very very soon. perhaps 2012 olympics?

i love tay tay. sometimes i pretend she writes her song for my life.
(one time i swear she really did)


  1. That last part really made me laugh because pretty sure I know what song you are talking about and we use to BLAST it and all kind of hated the same girl for about a week :) Well at least for one of her song.

    p.s. We need to hang out! I want to hear about your new job!!

  2. Hahaha I love Madison's comment because I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Stupid bih. ;) Should've said NO!

  3. i honestly had this in quotes but removed it: ask my friends, they would concur. hahaha that was a week for the BOOKS! love you both!!