Tuesday, September 13

summer re.cap

may: lake powell over memorial day with some fun couples
brooke graduated. may 6, 2011. yes yes yes
jake took his first bite out of the "big apple." toured the city and loved it.
brooke took many bites while going back to jake's mission to visit
(seriously we ate more food in one visit then i've ever done on a trip before and that is saying a. lot)
june: mitch and maile were married. it was a b-e-a-utiful event.
lake powell with the cook family and the neighborhood clan. no accidents this time. yipee!
boating and bbq's.
july: celebrated our 1 year anniversary. it was a night to remember for a number of reasons but one thing that must be documented: i made a mistake of ordering lobster not knowing that it would be a 2.75 lb lobster thinking when i ordered i would just get 1 lb for $30 like the menu had said. Nope, not the case. $180 dollars later for a meal for two. jake couldn't have loved me more eek. other then that it was a great day and we have so much to be grateful for.
Oakley Rodeo
Sun Valley. Oh and did I mention I met Oprah?
Couples boating/camping trip. Definitely a must do again.
Laguna Beach with the Curtis'. heaven on earth.
more boating.

august: Megan and Hunt seal the deal. finally!
Pool time with friends while husbands go golfing.
Football Games. love love love.

i'll just conclude that summer vacations are so wonderful when you are married and lucky for us we have the best families to share them with.

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