Sunday, September 11

and we're back...

up and running smoothly. phewph it's been about forever since i've posted, and the last decent event or item posted was even longer before that. let's just say summer was crazy. busy. a blast. we're sad it's over (but is it ok to say we're a little excited for fall? oh me oh my). ok maybe jake isn't sad it's over...ever since school has began he has been living with his nose in his books (thank heavens i graduated! thats something i definitely will not miss), making my night time much less eventful. (i try not to bother but it's something i have to try really really hard at).

as for myself, well i've been now categorized to the growing population of being "unemployed" and to be honest it's really not as fun as you would imagine it to be. i've pretty much tackled the usual large "to do" list and i've gotten a little far down the list, to the point where i'm making things up that really are not pressing issues. for example: last week jake came home from class and i was already getting out halloween decor and i had gone to the store to make some new decorations for this year. (which by the way are the cutest you've ever seen, more on that later).

other important events in our life are: watching our nine month old "puppy" Lucy grow by the second, enjoying the last few weeks of warmer weather for boating and bbqing (something we did so much of this summer-check this out even though it was for.ever.ago), and football. Football seems to be the center of our lives and it is just what i was anticipating for fall. Between going to our brother's games at good ol' ehs and cheering on our utes (bummer game on saturday but oh so close!) it's what we spend the majority of our free time talking about and doing about if you will.

with all that said, hopefully i can keep this little journal up. funny enough it's really more important to jake then it is to me. when he saw me revamping the blog he said "wow you really have gone quite far down that list if you are working on the blog," its true. hopefully my time as unemployed will not last much longer. i actually have some exciting things in the works so cross your fingers for me pretty please. and let's see if we can really keep this thing updated for the third try. hey third times the charm right?

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