Friday, February 3

oh me oh my!

it's finally the weekend. this week was one of those weeks that just seems to feel like an eternity. it was busy and tiresome yet productive and effective. no complaints there.

this morning husband and i talked about our weekend plans. you see he left for school when the sun was still sleeping, in the 6:00 hour. i die. when he came home he was a different person, i told you there was a weekend version of that man. making the long week all the more worth it. husband took a killer chemistry text this morning, one that has been taking up 99.98% of his sweet little time. so now it's my turn, boo yah chemistry you can have him back on monday but for now stay out of it. please and thank you.

as for the weekend plans, we are blessed to have the greatest friends, seriously, and we love our new ones a lot. i'd be confident to bet we have the coolest friends on the planet. weekend plans feel dreamy and we are going to play to our little hearts content. basketball game, super bowl party, cooking fabulous dinner, games, the list goes on. i'm promising great photos for monday, get excited.

happy friday! 

things for you to try this weekend: these pancakes m. stewart nailed it, need an idea for your super bowl treat? these win in my book, fall more in love with reese and her stylish self here, remember this, a little motivation here, some creativity here, and a sight for sore eyes here-take me please. enjoy!

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