Monday, February 6

a little letter

it's monday, oh monday. 

you are supposed to read that like this: "ohhhhhhhhhhh monnday." today i'm caught with lots of thoughts. i've been rather quite as my mind is talking to itself. 

you see husband had a ski incident on friday and hurt himself. he likes to spin high in the sky on the ski slopes and it doesn't always result happily. he is sad and i am sad because he is sad. but he's been one good sport while i try to take care of him. he has a long recovery ahead of him so i kind of want to say this to him: 

hey husband, 

i'm sorry you are hurting, but everything will work out. you will get through this because you are amazing and one of the strongest and hardest working people i know. oh and i need to mention how proud of you i am. you have been a stud. you have been kind, and thoughtful, and tried to be patient even though you are frustrated. thanks for being such a wonderful husband and my number one fan. i'm going to rub your feet, make you yummy meals, ice your knee, drug you up, and get you back to your happy healthy self. so be happy because i love you and i'm here for you every step of the way. 


p.s. sorry for the somberness of this post. i didn't mean for it to come off this way so i will have something bright and cheery on the docket next! 


  1. such a sweet letter. hope your hubby get's better soon!!
    xo TJ

  2. Such a cute letter! I hope he gets better soon! Knees are the worst :( I know how he feels. It truly helps having someone there like you!