Tuesday, February 7

i can hardly stand it

how excited i am for this movie. 
it's going to be good, i know it.

how you ask? 
oh well because someone i know stayed up into the wee hours of the night rummaging youtube for anything i could possibly find because yes, i'm that excited. 
i think its safe to predict these three things: 

1. i'm going to cry like a baby
2. husband will get embarrassed but secretly love it too. 
3. we will both walk out happy. mainly me and i'll probably see it twice, just sayin'. 

so who's in?


  1. I'm STOKED. I think I've told Brady a million and one times how excited I am!

  2. aw, i honestly get goosebumps every time i see any of the previews. so very excited to see this movie!!! now i just have to convince the mister to go and see it with me :)
    xo TJ