Wednesday, February 8

wednesday wish day

i'm a slacker at personal photos lately. so here is a personal favorite.  
do you ever? 

turn the music up way too loud in the car and belt out tunes pretending you are a rockstar? oh i don't know maybe to ke$ha?
me last night on my way home from the gym, extra loud. must've been those happy endorphins.

go to zumba and think you've got the moves like jagger?
then see yourself in the mirror and realize shakin' it might not be your thing. so you tone it down.

wish you could curl up in bed and read good books all the day long to your little hearts content.
after all it's national library lovers month. current read: the night circus.

wish that social media could just calm the heck down?
how on earth am i supposed to keep up with it all? it already takes me too long to keep up with: instagram, twitter, pinterest, and blogger. i can't even begin with many others.

have the urge to chop all your hair off one day and then the next day you wonder if you should die it another color?
i do, all the time. but then i keep telling myself that i've tried before. so i do the best to hold myself back.

want to scream on a mountain top how grateful you are for the people you have in your life?
i do, especially lately. i have amazing friends, one even brought over dinner last night. i was overwhelmed with love. oh and it was so yummy.

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  1. yes, yes (most def), yes!, heck yes, YESSS,Oh I have!

    I loved this post, and the title of your blog too :) keep em' coming~