Thursday, February 9

you're going to want to read this

meet cait 
(and she's pretty great. get it? cait the great? but seriously, she really is great i will tell you why)

the girl's got a killer sense of humor, wild and crazy at times but also one of the smartest peeps i know, the best friend you could ask for, owner of one of the cutest puppies ever, and she is a registered dietician with a new food blog.  i told you she was great. 

anyways she is really great because she taught my sorry little cooking skills a lesson or two last night. we made this recipe. you've got to try it. we made a couple mistakes along the way so do yourself a favor and read the directions unlike oh i dunno, maybe me. (yes i was the one who didn't read them thoroughly enough are you even surprised?) 

so here is the link to cait's blog. you will learn lots from her and she will not tell you to eat anything that tastes like cardboard. because let's be honest, nobody likes that. 


  1. looks delicious!!

  2. Umm this looks amazing!! I wish i had smellivision haha.

    Don't worry about HTML codes. I suck at's embarrassing sometimes. If you need help feel free to drop me an email..i'll try my best I can't guarantee unicorns and rainbows though haha.

  3. oh my I love you! Thank you for the whole post about me. And for giving my blog some publicity. I wondered why I had so many views today?! Love you, can't wait to see you tonight for more cookin!

  4. that food definitely looks uh.MAZING! my cooking butt definitely needs to get in gear as well!
    xo TJ