Monday, February 13

i'm going to be honest

i was dreading monday. 

i have a love affair with the weekend, every weekend. it's full of my favorite things. this weekend seemed to fly by, but don't they always? here are our pathetic but perfect moments: 

1. lucy chasing a chicken in the backyard saturday morning, that poor poor chicken. i was terrified i was going to come home to dispersed feathers and a dead you know what to deal with. it didn't happen, in case you were wondering. 

2. staying at menchies for hours on end with favorite friends. as jeff put it, "we are the definition of loiterers." it's a high school hang out, but we don't mind, we do it anyways. 

3. husband collapsing at the boat show on saturday. i get the bad wife award for laughing hysterically at his pain. gasp. but only because he was saying funny things and laughing too, i swear. 

4. our sweet ol' mustang convertible dying on my this morning. for no reason, in a large intersection. i abandoned car, and got the giggles with my mom on my way down to work. no pictures, thought i'd save myself the visual reminder. ohh monday. 

4. the vow. i have some complaints. for being as excited as i was i'm surprised i was not disappointed, but it's valentines people and it's called "the vow" and i'm a hopeless romantic kinda girl. so give me more romance and a happier ending, please and thank you. (another loitering moment for us and friends, doesn't everybody hang out in the hallway hours after your show ends?) 

5. my primary four year olds. i love. highlight of this week: "sister brooke my mommy is having a baby!" mom sitting next to me, "oh yes, well i guess the secret is out i'm pregnant." haha only five weeks and still a secret, oops. 

6. a four hour emoji group text. with emmy, cate, and ej. our husbands finally protested by tweeting each other at the same time. we thought we were oh so clever and crack ourselves up. 

7. how excited i am for valentines day. i love love and i love husband. a holiday just for lovers! the end. 

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  1. our text emoji conversation was definitely a highlight! the husbs were just jelly!