Wednesday, February 1

love is in the air

some photos to sum up loves as of late. 
why of course? 
well because it's february and february is fabulous. 
happy love month! 

1st: National work naked day!
(i'd love to see who celebrates this one!)
2nd: crepe day and ground hog day
4th: bubble gum day
5th: super bowl day!
9th: read in the bath tub day
11th: white shirt day 
14th: valentines day
(also ferris wheel day)
15th: susan b. anthony day
19th: chocolate mint day 
20th: love your pet day 
20th: president's day 
21st: pancake day
26th: academy awards
28th: floral design day and tooth fairy day 
29th: nope i'm not fooling you-it's leap year day!

 February is also national library lovers month
which means all the more time to spend cuddled up reading books.

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  1. ha ha. this looks familiar. great minds think a like, i guess. I did this exact post with exact title two days ago.

  2. i adore all of these images. so very perfect! and i LOVE peonies! :)
    xo TJ