Thursday, February 16

pizza for lovers

i really can't believe it's only thursday. 
yesterday felt like friday, so my little brain is very confused and is already switching to weekend mode. maybe because valentines was so early in the week. or maybe because it's going to be a lovely four day weekend spent doing exactly what i please: husband time.

these photos are a little overdue, almost two weeks from a fun pizza night we had with friends.we made some d.e.licous pizzas call us pizzeria cooke hehe. it was actually the night that jake tore his knee so we look extra purty due to spending the greater part of the afternoon in the hospital. and poor poor husband, he was sad and was in major pain but he acted happy. thank you pain meds, we promise we won't take advantage of you. 

on a side note, we have uhmazein friends. i may say this all the time, but i really feel like we've won the lottery lately because we've had hardly a dull moment. aaannd what's even better is that we have an upcoming mexican riviera (sounds so chic) cruise with some of these lovelies, we are excited.  


  1. YAY. This was such a fun night! Maybe..from now on I should get ready before going out in public. :) XOOXOO

  2. yay for pizza! i love ben being a chef and tossing the pizza!