Tuesday, February 28

our weekend in photos

this is what your weekend looks like when your husband gets surgery: 
our weekend included lots of yummy dinners and treats. 
one bored puppy, sick of her "person" being in bed. 
sleeping in and snuggling. husband is now calling it "nuggles" 
i tell him it sounds like harry potter. 
good books, delightful chats, and lovely visitors. 

i'm not complaining. 
but we are hoping for a speedy recovery. 


  1. Wish you both the best, and a speedy recovery for the hubs!! Ps brade and I call it nuggles too ha:)

  2. what was the first thing he said out of surgery? hee hee! love you guys! speedy recovery just in time for the CRUISE!!!!!

  3. Aww hope your mister starts feeling better! Oh my goodness your puppy looks so much like my puppy! What a cutie :)
    xo Heather