Monday, February 27

this time i mean it

i always say i'm never going back.

back to the dentist that is. 
but i really wish i could mean it this time. 

sadly, my uncle kyle he is my dentist. 
so of course there is somewhat of a love hate relationship there. 
i mean really, who does love the dentist

this mornings visit was different then your reg check up. 
oh yes, i got it all. 
by all i mean: separating tape (yes on my teeth), clamps that i swear permanently stretch your mouth out, teeth filing, chiseling saw, beeping lights, all of the noises you don't want to hear near your mouth. 

don't forget the "tasty" sour numbing cream. seriously?
perhaps i could go into a career in creating dental products that actually taste appealing. 

i'm a pill when it comes to the dentist as it is, so being there for two hours...
not quite my cup of tea. 
but it's over, hallelujah and mr. 7 and mrs. 10 look great 
(those would be my two teeth they worked on) 

now i'll spend the remainder of my day getting used to this grainy feeling, 
trying to remember what it feels like to use my tongue,
and remembering to never go back. 

i mean it. 

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