Wednesday, February 15

how was your love day?

ours was simple but so very lovely. no reservations, no hints, just the the two of us celebrating the way we like. we made dinner together again, i love this tradition. remember when i cut my finger open here while in the act? yes that was an expensive love day. 

dinner was actually breakfast this year, made fancy schmancy thanks to me, husband made is famous pancakes, i delivered the heart shaped fruit and whipped cream, enjoyed my beautiful flowers from husband, i died when i saw them just like i told you i would, gave husband a surprise gift that he loved even though i promised i wouldn't buy anything, someone smeared whipped cream all over my face it was a good look, husband accidentally said happy birthday rather then happy valentines while being cute, i love when he gets flustered oh man i do, and enjoyed each others company before heading off to the lady a concert which was uhmaze. thanks husband a million and more for finally accepting and being my valentine. 

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  1. breakfast for dinner is quite possibly the most wonderful thing on the planet. cute blog!