Tuesday, February 14

be mine.

dear little morning kisses: you are why everyone should be in love. nothing is better then waking up to the one you love and whispering i love you with a kiss or two. maybe more today because it's love day after all. 

dear mlh:this day will always remind me of you. what is love day with out a little green for remembrance. i owe it to you for making me a part of who i am today. thinking of you and the love you brought to not only my life but all those whom you touched. i can't help but have overwhelming love for all of those who share this same bond. you made our friends so close and i love you all. x's and o's. 

dear emojis: you are taking my love day texts to a whole new level. i adore all of your cupid's, hearts, and kisses galore. i'm getting quite creative with you too. consider yourself lucky if you get a love text from me this day. 

dear love day sweets: i'm going to miss you. but while i'll miss you, i think i've celebrated you well and my thighs will not miss you at all. everything from the sweet sour hearts, conversation hearts, juju hearts and cinnamon lips, as well as sugar cookies and chocolate truffles. 

dear love flowers: i die. you've got to be the best part about love day next to spending it with husband. but coming from husband you are all the more exciting. i love everything about you and wish that every girl receives a special love bouquet today. cupid don't be afraid, work your magic.

dear past love day memories: you are why i love this day. i have so many memories of you, mainly about husband. i loved husband in the fifth grade while i watched him snowball with the other girls (he had no idea who i even was!), i fell in love with husband during valentines week as a fifteen year old girl, more in love with him when he sent me dozens of roses and sweet love letters on his mission, and now i'm in love with the idea of spending every love day with him for the rest of my life.

dear husband: i still ask myself why i got so lucky. you've spoiled me rotten and continue to do so every day. you've wooed me with love letters and sweet surprises for years and i giggle to myself when i think of your love. i'm so glad your mine to keep. you've taught me what unconditional love is and for that i'm forever grateful for. {loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will}

dear pink and red:i do not love your color combination except for during this month, it's one of my only rules. but for this week, i've combined you lots, especially for love day, including lips. pink in the day, red by night? don't mind if i do.

dear love date: i'm counting down the hours until you begin. big plans for you tonight. husband and i are off to hear love tunes by the one and only lady A tonight.  perhaps a late night dessert and of course kisses. it's my favorite excuse.

lovers letters 

p.s. hope you have a wonderful love day. say "i love you" to the ones you love and don't forget to  say it often, not only today but everyday. 

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