Tuesday, February 21

he had to push me

out the door this morning, quite literally. 
the four day weekend was too good to be true. i've decided that going back to work on a tuesday is much worse then a regular monday after having the day off. how did you all spend your holiday? ours consisted of:

taking our pup to the dog wash. this same dog was. the one where you wash them yourself, it's supposed to be a great deal. that is if you have a well behaved-not afraid of loud noises dog, which we do not have. bless her heart. the result: husband and i leaving smelling like wet dog and needing our own wash, one battle wound on my chest from a ravenous claw, more lucy hair in my head then my own, mortified that i trimmed my dogs bottom hairs (tmi? yes, probably), and lastly one scrumptious smelling yet tortured lucy. oh i just can't wait to return. 

grocery shopping, which is always a treat. did you know smith's is giving double points until march? great news. this means gas points, which means less mullah on gas, and more money for fun things like date nights and cruise clothes. grocery shopping also included cleaning out the fridge and i mean who doesn't love that on a day off? yikes.

we also clean our humble abode, decided to be in high school again and attend the ehs bball game, ate yummy red mango and sat by the fire, discovered the game scrammble-i'm setting records low scores, got our sweat on (well i did, husband hasn't been doing much moving due to the knee injury), and had some friends over for good food (trial recipe) and great company. it was lovely though it wasn't glamourous, but much needed for all. 

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